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The 9 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions


My mom wants to give me her car. I don't work and feel the car should stay part of the estate, due to the fact I have no right offs or deductions, and she does. The car is still being used by me for her transportation. Any suggestions?

We are faced with a critical decision. Our Mother has been living with our youngest brother (48 yrs.old) for the past 16 years. She did this to help he and his common law wife raise their two boys thru school age till now: the youngest is 15. The wife and youngest son have left the home and are on their own. The oldest is in the military. My brother has struggled with employment. He is a truck driver. Recently, he has not been working and appears he is caught up in drug use, gambling and caverting with loose women. Our Mother is funding all his addictions and refuses to leave him. One of our other brothers has gone to the house and verifies these activities are indeed real. This brother is an attorney and would like to know what steps he can take to protect our Mother from this dangerous lifestyle she is caught in? She is a Veterans spouse. Can we contact the military and get any assistance to get her away and get care for her elsewhere? Please help, I get sick to my stomach every time I think of her living under these terrible conditions.

Go to H&R Block ask for an enrolled agent. They are wonderful, and can represent you in front of IRS if you ever get audited.

Very informative and well-written. Would you mind if I share this with my readers?

Are you referring to my suggestion to the person's question? Tax tips are posted on your forum. A confused person asks for help. I am not an accountant or tax preparer which I clearly state.
I recommended to the person that they contact a CPA who specializes in tax returns.
Do you think that is an irresponsible recommendation?
If so, remove it. I do not want to confuse or mislead this person.
Thank you.

If you are a grown person and are working, you must get control of your personal finances. I am not a CPA, but I recommend you get a referral for a good CPA (certified public accountant) and have them assist you with your tax problem. You may find that since you were out of work for 3 full years you might be able to do "income averaging" and also make any number of legal deductions to avoid a tax penalty. It sounds to me like you are barely making it. A good tax accountant will be able to assist you. It will cost you some money, but generally if you are not a high earner and the return is not too complicated, it is well worth every penny spent. Believe me, I do not make very much money. I have an excellent tax preparer who was recommended to me by a friend and she found money for me I never would have had known I had coming to me.
Hire a professional. Let them know what your circumstances are. I do not recommend H&R Block. Go to a CPA who specializes in tax returns. They are the most competent. Do not go to a "tax preparer". It is not the same thing. The CPA who specializes in tax returns is the most knowledgeable person. Pay the money and get rid of your headache. You will save money in the end.
Good luck!

This writer is neither an accountant nor a tax advisor.
Nor is this aa forum for one's uniformed philosophies regarding economic policy.

Can someone guide me as I haven't a clue on what to do.

After being unemployed for 3 years and being offer a job through a friend of a family member I had no ideal that I would be 1099 either. This was just thrown at us in November, ive been with her since April and worked 24/5, if I would have known I was getting 1099 I would have set back a amount each week to take care of this after the first of the year, guess my question is what can I claim on my 1099 so I don't have to pay this extravagant amount of money all at one question is


Be sure to ask about a disability deduction. My mom retired from civil service with a disability and she could have been taking a large deduction. If you are having an H&R block like company doing your return call and get the local manager's name. Call back later and make your appt with that person. They train the associates, so can be certain you'll get the most knowlegable person.