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Urinary Tract Infections in the Elderly


The medical system has failed my father. At age 90 he was independent, living by himself, exercising & driving, etc. He had hernia repair surgery, and the swelling required him to come home with a urinary catheter for 2 days. He recovered fast but then went downhill. The surgeon had never ordered a urinalysis after the temporary catheter. Dad had a urinary tract infection but neither I nor he knew it. About 6 weeks later he fell in the bathroom at night. Diagnosis in the ER--brain bleed and UTI. He never walked again after that. The brain bleed was repaired, and then he went into a nursing home. At each step I fought with medical personnel, because they made mistake after mistake. It's too long of a story to tell it all here.

Hello. I write from Chile
My 88 years old father had a Urinary Tract Infection that was not detected by two doctors the week before I had to rush to the hospitalwith him. The symptoms were confused with dementia.
After his recovery, he went through two pneumonias. My concern is that he lost the ability to walk,after two months in bed. Furthermore, he needs diapers and assistance 24/7 Could this be temporary

I have numbness and pain in all my joints. My DR. says it is a UTI. Is this an unusual symton?

Another thing that can contribute to chronic UTI is constipation.

When asking for a Urinary Test make sure they do it via catheter because a regular urinal can be contaminated.

My mother (84) is currently in the hospital for her second UTI in 3 months. First one turned to sepsis, but she pulled through with no lasting organ damage. This one we caught earlier, thank god, and it seems that antibiotics will do the trick. She does have a large kidney stone that is most likely contributing to these, but at her age and with her numerous health problems, she's not a good candidate for surgery, even though it's not major surgery.

I learned why my Mom died from reading these comments. My Mother had suffered from chronic UTIs while she was in the NH. One day she became comatose like, the NH thought that she pneumonia. After, one day I demanded that she go to the ER. I thought that she had suffered a stroke. On the way to the hospital my Mother's heart started racing at 200 bpm. They thought she would die. She did not, but she never recovered from her comatose state; except to tell me once that she loved me. she died a few days later.

I am having Reacuring UTI's plus Iam so hurt and embarassed because i cant control my bladder at all anymore especially upon waking .Its really bad because i live in someone elses hoyse for the time being and they laugh at me and pyt me down because of tbe odor and just becauseI cant affird tbe diapers i used to get them free but now that i have been displaced i have not been able to rememember the companies name that was sending them to me please someone help me .I feel like giving up.

I just lost my 83 year old father. It started with a UTI. Went from that to aspiration pneumonia and turned to sepsis. Happened very fast and I had no idea how serious a UTI was. The facility said they had called his Dr and would give him the medication. I missed seeing him Sunday as I was ill, and went in Monday to find him weak and confused. I got him right to the Dr, and then to emergency, but 4 days later, he is gone. I wish someone had told me how serious it was. I had no idea and now he is gone.


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