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Go Ahead, Have a Good Cry: 5 Reasons Why It's Good for You


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There was a time where I never cried for years! Because I was trying to be like my dad he never cried. Now today I knew it was a mistake to bottle up those emotions like that. one Night our family cat was just getting on I my nerves with constant meowing. I was getting more and more annoyed with the cat that I picked up and threw her on the floor my bigger sister heard what I did and scolded me for it and for first time after years of not crying. I just cried and said I'm sorry I let my emotions get bottled up to much and now I cry weekly to keep myself ever doing that again. long story short anger can be VERY dangerous when not taken care of. rage can sometimes be blind.

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If Maria Shriver started crying in front of me I would give her a hug until she stopped.

I used to think crying was a sign of weakness. As many of you, I have suffered many hardships in my life. After my grandma passed away, who I was caregiving, I cried like never before. She was my world. I have/had no kids, worked fulltime and cared for her. It was devistating. For whatever reason, the dams opened up and I cry so easily now. I have become the most sensitive person I know. I feel like a cry baby. I get very emotional very quickly. I think it's from so many years of keeping everything pent up. I can't says it make me feel better but a 1-2 minute cry almost weekly makes me wonder if I'm nuts. Blessings

I always say that crying is a way of washing away the pain.

We cry very easily in our family; my brothers, cousins, sister, my kids. It's not wailing cry baby stuff, it's from being sensitive, caring and compassionate. Maybe partly from the melancholy Irish. We show all our emotions, which is what they're for! Lol! It's very healthy to use a balance of emotions, including anger. Whaaa!

I had a good cry just this morning. My mother who lives with Alzheimer's Disease called my cell phone this morning to tell me that there was a strange man in her house who slept over last night. She didn't recognize that I was the mysterious stranger. I am approaching my 64th birthday. Not being recognized by your own mother is heartbreaking.

Exactly Jeanne! I have never felt that it solved anything or helped me in any way. When I finished not only was I in the same doggoned place, I felt like crap besides! I hate a stuffy nose so much, I feel as if I am suffocating, I cannot bear it!

Now, to be certain, I was definitely TAUGHT not to cry, by women who were taught not to cry, and God only knows how many generations that goes back. They are Scotts and Swedes for the most part. I remember being reprimanded and made fun of ever since I was very small, even physically. I was smacked and I was shook. I love my aunties mind you, they are amazingly strong women and I share many of their qualities, (think of two women in the seventies going through cancer treatments, but cleaning up storm debris in the yard of one auntie together with their husbands after the really big storm on the east coast. Yeah, THAT kind of strength, the kind my mother never had and never will). But I do remember them and my mother singing to me all the time, "Big Girls Don't Cry". Apparently I cried a lot as a child? I would have been eight years years or less, in that particular memory I was around six. I was even younger for the other memories.

Because of this I allowed and validated my children's feelings including crying, I helped them find the words to express themselves so that together we could find an answer to the problem, and/or I held them and soothed them. Except for whining, I don't deal with manipulation. Whiners took naps.


On average, women cry 47 times a year?! I must be at least 30 years behind schedule, I've been so far below average since my first marriage ended. Maybe its because I don't like the physical feelings afterward and the fact that it doesn't solve anything (sorry, I'm basically pretty results-oriented). Or maybe that is just my nature. It would be interesting to see that study broken down by age group. Do women in their 30s cry more than women in their 60s? Anyway, I don't hold back on crying ... I just don't cry much now.