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10 Things You Should Know About Your Parent's Finances


I started dating with my current boyfriend about 11 years ago. After a couple of years later I did ask him about LTCI, He had no idea what LTCI was , so I explained to him then we contacted independent agent for purchase LTCI (provide by Genworth) for both of us. Well now my boyfriend is having series problems his right leg with Edma.... And just found out he has bloods crat same side of leg....He will be 79 in Dec. We don't know what going to happen but at least keeps us a little peace for now. stp

he refuses to tell me anything, i know hes not handling things well, but hes still sharp enough that it looks like im just on a mad spending spree, ( even though my clothes are ragedy and i dont wear make up) all money i spend is on the house and im a reciept keeper. he also keeps insisting on making desert for his friends every friday. we cant afford to be buying all these ingredients and were both overweight, but hes a big baby.yells at me when he doesnt pay bills, only grocerys he buys are sugar flour rasins,etc..no actual food.he eats out 3-5 nights a week, he volunteers and gets a free dinner, so i buy my own food.but his part of grocery bill is way more than budget allows.. oh well.. just one of so many things

The standard DPA typically does not contain the specific language/clause which allows a caregiver to admit their parent, if necessary, to a psychiatric hospital against their will. If the parent refuses & your DPA doesn't cover this potential situation, you cannot admit. Check w/ your atty or local psychiatric hospital. (This is the case for CA, I have no info as to other states' laws/procedures.)

yup, slowly but surley, ive been gathering his account info and putting it online so i can keep an eye on him. so far, hes ok.

Good point. something to keep looking into maybe...Thanks!

Every long-term care insurer has a different way of evaluating one's health history.

Some A+ rated long-term care insurers will insure someone with a BMI as high as 43.0. Other long-term care insurers won't insure anyone with a BMI higher than 36.0.

Every company uses different criteria for determining who they can and cannot insure. That's why it's important to work with an independent agent who represents lots of different companies and specializes in long-term care insurance.


One more tip...if you are overweight or obese...don't even bother...they won't even look at you....which is sad because not all overweight poeple develope diabtes, etc. My daughter's friend's dad was just told he has type 2 diabetes...and he is as thin as a rail. I on the other hand am overweight, low blood pressure, no diabetes...and was refused. Go figure! Sounds biased to me...

I think I would ask an elder law lawyer...to me something doesn't sound right here...


What do I do? I have had my mother's power of attorney since 1997. This summer my 90 year old uncle went to the bank with my 88 year old mother (who has dementia) and had the bank give him the power of attorney over her bank accounts. So, I have power of attorney, but no access to her finances. At this point, my sister and I have started thinking that a nursing home might be the best place for our mother. But my uncle is opposed to the idea. What do I do?