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What Is the Difference Between Durable and Springing Power of Attorney?


Can the POA be held responsible for payment of back taxes on the parents property?

I'm a concerned niece. My aunt died 3 yrs ago, my uncle has been confused.

I live in California, he lives in Las Vegas. I'm in the beginning stages of getting my uncle a diagnosis. I'm so scared.

Peggyjo, I'm very sorry for your loss.

All Powers of Attorney end on the death of the person for whom they were held. So your stepdaughter's DPOA no longer does anything at all, it's over.

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My husband just passed away and his daughter whom I don't get along with had a dpoa before the marriage, would this still be in affect or would it be voided

Can nursing home care refuse to update children of their mothers care and only talk with EPOA

Can EPOA stop other family members having knowledge of their mothers care?

We have a POA in place with healthcare for my mum. The family does not all get on. What rights do siblings have to ask information from a nursing home regarding their mum? Can the nursing home refuse to discuss mum and her care with her children?

I have had the durable power of attorney since 1997 and am co- trustee of living trust for my mother. She has problems with memory and gets confused easily. I had her doctor write letter saying that she should not be asked to sign any type of document because of her memory. He stated that her son me should take care of her affairs. This letter is on file with hospital as is the Durable Power of Attorney. The hospital continues to ignore the fact that I am her caregiver and watches out for her in all areas of her life. Recently she was transported to hospital for heart attack. I arrived one hour later and asked the receptionist in ER if there were any papers to sign. The response was no the staff signed for her. Is this proper conduct for the hospital staff to ignore the POA even when the doctor has written a letter pertaining to the same subject.

I have a friend whose mother just passed away and he is the agent in the POA. He informed me that it is important for all the siblings to be on the checking account and not just the agent. My sister is the agent on my moms general durable POA with me then my brother who are also listed on the POA. Is it wise for me to be on her checking account and not just my sister. Also, can I just go to the bank with my copy of the POA that has my name on it and be on her account. I do not pay bills and have no access to the account so I would not be using the account for anything, just have my name on it. It was just highly suggested that I be on it. I hope this makes sense.


I am the second person on both my parents POA. They both now have alzheimer's. All of the companies that they deal with have a copy of the POA, but now are refusing to deal with me. They say because the other is listed I need a letter from the doctor so I would be the POA. Which form do I need for the doctor to fill out?