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What Is the Difference Between Durable and Springing Power of Attorney?


We are trying to get our mother into assisted living. My sister has power of attorney. Mom has been diagnosed with dementia and living on her own. My sister is looking at a place for mom closer to her since she has the POA. mother refuses to sign papers even to get on a waiting list. Can the POA sign them or does she have to have guardianship to do that?

If a durable power of attorney has not been notarized can it be torn up and not be in force at that time? Also can three daughters be listed as power of attorney?

Loralee what matters is whether your mother can understand what she is agreeing to, not whether she can physically speak or hold a pen.

What decisions need to be made for her that she is not able to make for herself? I'm wondering why you are anxious to get POA at this very difficult time - what do you need to do for your mother?

Haw can I become poa of my mom if she can't sign anything because of surgery, and she's on a ventilator also so can not speak just can shake her head

My mom is in the hospital and unable to sign a poa because of surgery is there anyway around her not signing, maybe by saying yes to the notary is that possible

Can the POA be held responsible for payment of back taxes on the parents property?

I'm a concerned niece. My aunt died 3 yrs ago, my uncle has been confused.

I live in California, he lives in Las Vegas. I'm in the beginning stages of getting my uncle a diagnosis. I'm so scared.

Peggyjo, I'm very sorry for your loss.

All Powers of Attorney end on the death of the person for whom they were held. So your stepdaughter's DPOA no longer does anything at all, it's over.

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My husband just passed away and his daughter whom I don't get along with had a dpoa before the marriage, would this still be in affect or would it be voided


Can nursing home care refuse to update children of their mothers care and only talk with EPOA