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Is Your Parent Safe in the Nursing Home?


I had a CNA threaten to harm me. I reported it... She's still there and let's me know it. They won't do anything to her but talk to her.

I think this is a good article to read. But I also think it could be more detailed. People just starting research need to truly know ALL safety factors, not just technological. There really is a lot more to consider as well as what you've talked about.

Getting qualty people as staff is so very important and the expenses never go down. The monitoring is also a states' issue that can easily be veiled to obscurity by adm. Family members play a huge role in monitoring care and remain the single most important factor in sustaining quality care.

I think this article is pretty good. It seems to be accurate and informative. I agree with most things in article. I do believe state of the art should be in all facilities. These people deserve it. But then again everything costs so much......that would be one of the first reasons why it maybe wouldn't happen! Anyone else???? Thoughts?

True. The DON'S, ADON'S and supervisors are not going to come in and check on the residents in the middle of the night. A family has to walk in the door unannounced at all times of the day and night and still its difficult. My father is residing in an assisted living for dementia patients! He is in the hospital now and yesterday, I asked him to open his mouth so I could check if he swallowed his banana and he said "no, you'll spit in it". I cried. My brother is his guardian.......


These so-called safety background checks remind me of random drug screens and fingerprint checks as will be instituted in Minn. It gives a warm and fuzzy feeling to the bureaucracy that created it but I think real abuse frequently goes undetected by family members.