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6 Vital Nutrition Tips for Seniors


They also have a prescription for what is essentially an edible form of marijuana without the THC that stimulates appetite. I believe it's called marinol, but not positive.

My mother had been seriously ill and lost her appetite. I thought maybe her medication was affecting taste. I gave her foods she was unfamiliar with so that she didn't have an expectation. I tried spicy, bold flavors and it helped.

At 80 years old I have developed a need to eat tastier food. Therefore, I add sesonings to most of my foods. One such seasoning that works for me is Tabasco Green Sauce. It is tasty with much less 'heat' than it's older brother/sister, Tobasco Original. There are many other herbs/spices that one can learn about to enhance the taste of food for us elderly folks.

I'm trying to get my grandma the right nourishment, but she has been stubborn and not eating her food. I even make some wickedly awesome smoothies, but she's not interested in eating at all. Any tips on feeding an old stubborn woman? I could really use those tips more than anything else.

I think I shouldn't have to work too hard to get my grandmother not to eat too much salt. She's always complaining that everything is too salty. I'll work on cooking her more fish and blending more smoothies for her. She likes her fruits, just hates her veggies.

I have an elderly patient I love working with and he's been showing signs of early onset dementia. It's been hard to give him the right foods, he so picky about texture. At least he really likes my smoothies, it's a good start, but I'll have to keep getting more and more creative to keep feeding him. Thanks for the ideas though!

Thanks for these tips. They’ll really help.

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Very good article. It's a good foundation to follow. My wife was never over weight her whole life, When she had a stroke her eating habits changed and her weight dropped from 115 to 98 lbs. I give anything she likes and as much as she wants. I do give her Ensure a lunch time and always has ice cream after dinner. She love Coke a Cola. It's a lot of sugar but in her case I gave her anthing she wants. She has a blood test every 2 to 3 weeks for other issue and there is no indication her diet is causing a problem. Care for someone is a tough job and some times changes can drive you crazy.

Ruth, thank you so much. I am learning something new everyday. ; )


Fruit digests very quickly, while the other parts of the meal do not. Google "Food combining" for more info on this. Having fruit with a meal, especially a meal containing protein, is very difficult on the digestive process. You can steam fish on top of a large pan of vegetables such as kale, swiss chard, onions, garlic, etc. It's delicious, and makes an easy clean up since it's one pan.