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Helping Elderly Parents Transition to Assisted Living


How much does it cost?

I like the article very much as it gave very good information. However, it isn't a parent that I am putting into assisted living, but my husband. He is having a hard time thinking about being away from me even though we are no longer physical anymore. (That is mostly my fault.) I have guilt, but not as much as I used to have about it. He just needs more care than I can give by myself plus I have some health issues also.

How do you get financial assistance for a Vet and social security - as the level of income isn't that much...

The article gives an insight into how the transition to Assisted Living can be made smoother for seniors.The lack of familiarity with both the environment and the other residents can be quite annoying initially but they can get over this by keeping an open mind,socializing,asking doubts to the staff etc.The care giver should maintain a positive approach without feeling guilty and should keep in touch .The staff too should be very supporting in order to make the residents feel comfortable.


Thank you so much for this article! I recently admitted my mom to a facility for senior living in Natick and I have been feeling so guilty! I hope she will start to really enjoy her time there and make new friends soon. She has been so lonely since my dad passed away. Thanks again!