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Siblings Who Care More About The Inheritance Than Parents' Care


Seen this happen before!! Family went nuts over their fathers $20 million dollar estate. He got so angry, he left it all to charity!!!

I'm dealing with a different kind of situation where the greedy one was not a family member. Right now I have a lawyer helping me sort through all this because in Ohio it's illegal for POA to use their position to benefit themselves. The fraud wasn't discovered until after dad's death and right now we're dealing with a big huge problem where multiple parties were in the wrong. It looks like the fraudster will be the first one to blame and the life insurance company will also be at fault for not looking out for my dad's interest or his survivors when they allowed the POA to abuse her powers to benefit herself

It happens far too, often, Gtmerkley. I'm sorry that you are going through this.

She just told the story of my life as a caregiver. Of two they drain you dubbl fast. Plus paying my own money for iteams like gas,meals out attending doctor appointments, or other. And getting laughed at when asking for reimbursement

What is sad is when you notice that your parents, who used to get really nice presents from siblings, now only get $25. That tells me all I need to know about how much the money, or the idea of getting money, really met to them.

Notastired, it sounds like your mom is doing great living in her home with your help and paid caregivers. Aging at home is a great alternative if people can find, and afford, in-home care. What is best for the elder is what matters and you have found what works for your mom. Cherish her!

My Mom just celebrated her 94th Birthday Today. I Respect the decisions she makes to this point. Of course decisions are more what she wants. Trust me she doesn't make decisions thàt aren't thoroughly thought out and discussed the appropriate people. But bottom line is she does not want to go into assisted living. I have visited several they are very nice. But she wants to stay at home. I will hire more people than I already have. For the love of God she is 94 she has been in very good spirits. Like any one else on this messed up world we have bad days and worse days. Lol just kidding. So we made through 157mph winds sustained for 3 hours gusts in the 180 to 190 range. My Mom and I stood on the patio and took pictures with our respective cell phones as these big big trees were ripped out at the roots. That was fun but the 7 days with no power no water no online no Nothing buy my Mom ate good and my wife and I also are and all drank cold water and fresh fruit galore. Anyway yesterday was fun. My brother and his wife will be here a couple days my Mom had Fun and I have been getting a break. That's just want the Doctor ordered. After that is just one day at a time having the CNA IN coming in more hours e and going to see about changing nurses. My Mom nor I cared much for her and she has made a couple serious case mistakes. Well I am unsubscribing from this wonderfully helpful site. Thañks for everyone's help and guidance. Bye for now notastired@60

I also have sisters, four of them, who have decided they don't have the time to help our parents who are both bedridden, incontinence, kidney issues, heart issues and both with dementia at 92. my parents gave us life and loved us through out our lives and to turn your back on them when they need help is unforgiveable. I take care of both my parents and will until god calls them home. I also take care of a husband who has Parkinson disease for the last seven years. its hard as but I wouldn't want it any other way. they loved me into this world and I will love them out. as far as inheritance that my sisters seem to think they deserve, my parents made sure that they would get only what they deserve, which is nothing.......
When they turned their back on my parents I turned my back on them and will never look back ............

I would also recommend getting someone else involved, such as an advocate from your local Alzheimer's Agency or Council on Aging. A knowledgeable third party can be observing the situation and can help mediate with your siblings, advocating for your needs in the situation as well.


You are handling the best that you can, Patooski. It has to be hard when you realize who your sister really is. Don't react, you said. Good for you.