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"I Love My Mother, But I Don't Like Her"


I just thought about FOG -- fear, obligation, and guilt. I knew it never felt right with me, though I do feel guilt quite often. For me it is more of a sense of responsibility, like being in charge of a leaky boat long enough to get it to shore.

Phoenix and Heart, we'll have to start a new caregiver support group -- Abused Caregivers Anonymous. We'll have to come up with 12 steps. :) I thought about how we are able to hang in when things are not so good. Then I realize that often we are the only ones who would be willing to do it. We may hear that it would be good to put them into a facility, but who is going to do that? Us? And while we're at it, do we wrestle a big grizzly bear into a cage? We really can only change the things we personally do and try to keep from creating an even bigger problem. I do wish I were younger. At 64 I wonder if the last years of my life will be warding off the swats of an angry grizzly bear, with people looking on, saying not to take the swats personally because the bear is just old and sick.

For myself, I'm not particularly mad at anyone. I'm just in this situation and know I have responsibility to try to hold things together.

Heart and Jessie I think all 3 of us share the same Mum. As you probably know I am not a Christian, nor an anything else I might add so I find the whole notion of religion irrelevant to the conversation other than SOME people MAY find solace in THEIR religion.

Personally I see it as a tool engineered by the state to relieve the state of many of its duties of care and responsibility for the welfare of others. The creation of that tool also enabled its use to create the paradigms of social behaviour and therefore introduce controls to monitor that (i.e. police).

I have yet to find a religion that explains things effectively (TO ME I hasten to add).

Jessie you care about your Mum, you caregive to your Mum - she is safe. If it fills her life with joy to make yours miserable then giving her a wide berth is exactly what I would do too and indeed do when Mum kicks off.

I resent my Mum for sure and I am not afraid to say so, I don't like her at all, I particularly don't like the way she talks about me to others and then acts completely differently TO me. It has gotten to the point where she is starting to treat me like a servant in FRONT of her friends now so they are starting to see a different side to her.

Jess... Sounds like our mother's are clones. Like you, I feel locked in. I know other people wouldn't understand the position we are now in, but it happens (I never, ever thought I'd be in such a position with my mother... Nor, did you). I don't know how a mother can treat a child with such distain. Then I look at this older, weak lady and I feel sad for her... I want to accept her 'demeanor' this way, but as time goes by I just can't. Like you said... To outsider's they think "she's so sweet"... While as time goes by, her 'disgust' of me grows stronger. It's exhausting isn't it? I feel badly that you are going through this also.

Heart, I haven't been dealing well lately. Almost every word from her mouth has been angry. I tell her dinner is almost ready. She gets mad and tells me she's not ready to eat. I don't mind if she's not ready. It is the way she says it, like she hates me. She hates it when I do things around the house. She hates it when I don't. She is so nice to others, so they would have a hard time believing how difficult she is. If I was doing something wrong, it would be one thing, but she is in attack mode all the time. I think it safe to say that she simply hates me for being there. I've tried to figure out how to leave, but there is no one else.

The way I handle it is giving her wide berth. I'm almost like a distance caregiver living in the same house. I feel neglectful a lot. I would really like to have a good relationship with her so life would be more enjoyable. That isn't going to happen, so I give her space.

Jess👼... I thought (after being away from her for decades) that she would appreciate me helping and giving her a quality of life in her old age, but it has only shredded mine. I can't be as C-O-L-D and heartless as her... I just don't know how to come to terms with 'her'. How do you? Or, do you?

I know what you mean, Heart. Today I asked myself again, "Why is she always so angry?"

Having a tough time... Can't even put into words how sick I feel about my mother... How does one get over it? It hurts so much to get slighted, humiliated... And now she's too old even for any kind of conversation... I pray for all of us that go through this hardship while our lives and happiness have been permanently damaged.

Sheena and Driving Miss Daisy: Those stories are awful. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I hope you find some peace and relief soon.


Sheena797, it sounds like it is definitely time to move Dad out of your home.