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Mourning A Parent or Spouse's Death


Most cities in North America have telephone help lines for people in distress or simply needing support. Some are accessible 24 hours a day. They are called by a variety of names: distress centers, help lines, crisis centers, suicide prevention lines, etc. They are staffed by non-judgmental volunteers who care. See the inside front cover of your phone book.

Even though my mother had a lot of mental issues especially in her 90's, she was a much loved person and I am grieving her death. I was so lucky to have been her caregiver for almost 7 years, experiencing my toughest challenges and some nice moments with Mom. I am a videographer and have taped and edited several memorial videos, taking great care to make the finished video a unique and artful event. I never use templates or canned syrupy trite approaches.
Being able to do one for my own mother was a little tough but very rewarding. To see the one I did please visit
Here is the Celebration one:

Here is the one about my mother's art:


Enjoy and celebrate every moment: no matter how maddening, sad, despairing, funny, or wonderful!

My step dad passed 11 days ago..he didn't like doctors..and never had a colonoscopy ..even when the rectal bleeding ..he continued on his path of neglecting his health..when diagnosed with rectal cancer..in later stage..he chose not to treat...my mom allowed him this choice..now she is an elderly widow..living with my husband and I ...I am able to nurture him..but sadly I can not heal her heart..I feel numb..we are in the process of getting her an apartment in a very nice senior center as she wants her independence...I am concerned about her inability to learn new things..as simple as using a new...uncomplicated tv remote..also she can be quite nasty ans sharp at times..reminding me how she treated me when I was a girl..I've forgiven her for the past..but don't want to relive it..I love her...but her negative ..gloomy outlook is difficult to deal with at times..without the guidance of My Father in Heaven..I could never survive this..am searching for counseling for both of us

Wow !! Talk about kicking someone when they are down. Sorry to read of your pain. Sometimes the pain is overwhelming & you have to give it time to pass, it is like an open wound right now. I have found it helps to take it slow. Be around people when you want to be & be alone when you want to be. Do things that you are comfortable doing & that brings you comfort & peace. Maybe in time you will want to take part in the group grief session. In the mean time, take care of yourself, you will find the days get brighter & you will have a reason to live again. May God surround you with His love, comfort you & give you strength.

My husband of 53 years passed away 2 years ago and I still am unable to know how to go on living. I have 2 adult daughters who both live within a mile of me and they seem to have forgotten all about me still enduring this grief. In fact one daughter emailed me a 5-6 page "hate" letter only one month after my husband's death. The letter detailed various hurts (my fault) dating past to 20-25 years or more. It makes me so depressed, that I feel they wish I had died instead of their father. I thought we had a good relationship before losing the "love of m life". They don't call or visit to check up on me or include me in their families' activities. I am so lonely and don't feel I can keep on "keeping on". I met with a grief counselor who suggests I have a group session with these 2 daughters. But I would only lose and don't think I can bear any more of their hurts towards me.

my dad passed 3 weeks ago.my mom is going through great grief. very good advice

Millie,My beloved mother has been gone for 22 years now, and I can speak from experience when I say the loss NEVER goes away. I think of Mama everyday, when I do something she taught me as a shild, or when I have a dream of her. She is always with me. Sure it still hurts, I wasn't ready to let her go then, you see I am an only child and its harder on me now, because now my kids are grown and I'm alone with nothing but memories. That is all I have now and it gets hard sometimes, but you have to be strong and keep your faith because thats what our parents have instilled in us,someday we will be together again, until then we keep going and become the person our parents wanted us to be. GOD BLESS YOU...

Dear Millie Gonzalez, The pain and loss that you are feeling is now coupled with guilt. They tell me that people such as you and I must get some counseling regarding the guilt, or it will never go away. I am sorry for the loss of your mother.
You will always miss her. You will always feel the loss of her company, and you will always remember the good times and the not-so-good times.
It will not get easier as time goes by....( Nancy Reagan, on her loss )...The guilt, however, has to be addressed...... someone has to tell you that it was not your fault that "you didn't do enough for her".
I wish you well.

I have lost my Mother to Alzaihmer's March 3, 2011 I am the youngest of four sisters I also have three brothers which one is younger than me. It has very hard to deal with such great loss. My mother was such a strong woman and was always there for me no matter what time of day or night I needed her help or advice. When she was towards her end of life I wanted my siblings to respect the fact that I wanted to remember my mother the way she used to be before she got to the end stages. I would come and visit and help with her but not on a daily basis. I know that it was very difficult to deal with her changes on a day to day, I was very much in denial and could not accept that she would be leaving my family soon. On her last days I decided to stay with her and not leave her site. The day my mothers life came to end I was the one beside her I feel happy that I was able to apologize for not being by her side as much as my other sisters. I know that she forgave me, but now I feel like I maybe didnt do enough for her. I know my mother loved me very much because my sisters tell me I was her favorite for being the young one. Now I do regret not being there as much but should I feel this way I am a single mother of three children and I know there is no excuse but seeing my sisters deal with her illness 24/7 looked so very painful. I know some of us are stronger than others and I know that per family I have always been the strong one in the family. For some reason when it came to seeing my mothers life ending in such a painful way I can honestly say that I became the weak one. I loved and will always love my Mother and miss her deeply I know people say that it gets easier as time goes by, for me its seems to just get harder...


It sounds like you not only were an amazing caregiver but a devoted, loving & caring spouse. He was very fortunate to have you to make that journey with him. An inspiring story of till-death-do-we part. Honorable, faithful & love that prevailed. Most of us don't want to say good-bye to life and loved ones. It is never easy. I am glad you had the chance to say your goodbyes. My mother has a saying, it is: "In the midst of life we are in death." I never understood it until I got older and saw babies being born as the same day of attending a funeral. God is the giver of life & He knows when it is time to come home. May He comfort you in your loss & surround you with pleasant memories & laughter at the little things.