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How long can someone live with Parkinson's disease?


I don't know when my grandfather was diagnosed, but he passed away at age 83, he died of pneumonia, but Parkinson's Diasease made him really suffer those last years.

We just had a very special friend that was diagnosed with Parkinson's & within 5 weeks died. I've never ever heard about Parkinson's taking someone's life so fast. How can this be?

Hello. My mother is in stage four Parkinson's. Could someone tell me how much longer approx. Could we expect her to be here?

My mother was diagnosed in 2013, but I'm sure she's had this disease a long time. My father and brother died within 4 months of each other and the stress of their deaths have progressed Parkinson's. She's rapidly deteriorating and its heart breaking. She's still alert and oriented, No dementia. She's on a modified diet with honey thicken liquids, her muscle strength is deteriorating, she's unable to stand for long periods. The quality of her voice has changed, her appetite had decreased and I'm considering a Peg tube for hydration and nutrition.

hey hi, this is krunal here, i just wanna know that does parkinson affected person can kill someone else? and how can we get them OK by home remedies? and is their any way to get parkinson totally off? and last one does parkinson affects person if he doesn't share something with other/depression?
-please help me asap. it's an hearty request...

My uncle is confined to a bed battling PD and is currently in a nursing home facility. He is not able to do anything for himself, he can not talk or walk. He was always quiet, however, he was able to talk, But all of a sudden unexpectedly he stopped talking. We are concerned because even the doctors doesn't seem to know why he is not able to talk.

just found out a few weeks ago that my father have parkinsons diease witch it broke my heart i am now pregnant with my first child with is his first grandbaby and i pray everyday that my son gets to grow up with his grandfather,

My mother has had Parkinsons for about 15 years and increasing dementia for half those years. She's in a nursing home now, in bed or a wheelchair, very frail, confused and barely able to speak but, over the years, she's broken both hips and had a number of strokes so she has other health issues on top of the Parkinsons. I really didn't think she'd get this far. Last week she moved to a larger private room and I put a bird feeder outside her window which gives her much pleasure. She has little quality of life now and we just go one day at a time..


My Grandma is severely affected and has suffered for 34 years! Yet occasionally she is able to get up and walk on her own, do some gardening and even house hold chores such as vacuuming, yet other days she is shaking so much she cant sit in a chair without wriggling out and can eat well as we cant get a spoon to her mouth. Parkinson's may be incurable but the will to live doesn't make it completely controlling. The worst is the now growing damage from endless medication causing hallucinations and occasional memory loss. This is also contributed by early dementia and now Arthritis giving her sore and achy joints. Baring in mind all this she still manages to go on world cruises, and several holidays a year, enjoy life and almost forget about her disadvantages.