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How Long Can Someone Live with Parkinson's Disease?


I have been just been told i have the symptoms and I am very frightened. I live alone

Our friend is 67 years old and seemed okay about a year ago. Yet we noticed his wife started to drive him around about 3 years ago. No one ever said anything about it but maybe something was going on back then. Guess hine sight is 50/50 after all. This is very hard to watch.

I can recommend a good book that a woman wrote about the struggles they went through with her husband with PD- very sad but may be helpful for folks here. The book is called "The Stranger Comes at Sundown" by Jane Kriete Awalt. It is pretty much the diary she kept as a caregiver for her husband and may offer guidance to many of the caregivers on this forum.

My father told me he started getting symptoms in his early twenties. He was diagnosed 42 years ago, and is currently 71.

My father has been diagnosed for over 40 years, and is currently 71. He told me he has seen symptoms of PD since he was 23.

Excellent article- will be great for me to pass on to the people that call me. PD has taken over my "Friendly Beds" business (due to their typical bed mobility problems) and they are always seeking information.

I don't know when my grandfather was diagnosed, but he passed away at age 83, he died of pneumonia, but Parkinson's Diasease made him really suffer those last years.

We just had a very special friend that was diagnosed with Parkinson's & within 5 weeks died. I've never ever heard about Parkinson's taking someone's life so fast. How can this be?

Hello. My mother is in stage four Parkinson's. Could someone tell me how much longer approx. Could we expect her to be here?


My mother was diagnosed in 2013, but I'm sure she's had this disease a long time. My father and brother died within 4 months of each other and the stress of their deaths have progressed Parkinson's. She's rapidly deteriorating and its heart breaking. She's still alert and oriented, No dementia. She's on a modified diet with honey thicken liquids, her muscle strength is deteriorating, she's unable to stand for long periods. The quality of her voice has changed, her appetite had decreased and I'm considering a Peg tube for hydration and nutrition.