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Is Alzheimer's disease the same as memory loss?


On the other hand, I have a friend who exhibits all of the signs of Alzheimer's but is diagnosed with Dementia/memory loss. As I understand it, all Alzheimer's falls under the Dementia diagnosis but all Dementia or memory loss isn't caused by Alzheimer's.

Omg I just came back from visiting my mum in hospital and she was so aggressive and was so unpleasant I had to leave before I said something nasty back. I found this article because her behaviour is becoming more regular but like the author e,plains her parent was so pleasant when anyone.else was around itnwas hard to.get anyone to listen. An excellent article which Haas made.me think a lot.about what could be.going on with her.

My husband in 2001 was diagnosed with Adult Onset Hydrocephalus caused by a bran tumor on the top of his brain stem, a hole was drilled to the center of his head to get the tumor he cant keep track of time, days, even month are mixed up now and after MRSA in his spine four years ago that left him without feeling in his legs his memory seems to be going, He has become very aggressive about his rights, so much so that in the last two years, he called a complete halt to me keeping him sexless in the marriage, I was using the promise f sex to get him to cooperate, and he forced me, there was not any way I could get him to negotiate anything that day he just took me to the floor his father slapped him memorial day for taking his rights over every ones request, And causing his father best friend run for his life taking a reservation from him I was supposed to go with him for after dinner drinks and dancing, His father was back handed into the corner of our kitchen, His father called ahead t the cub we were going and told the doorman he was not invited and when the doorman pushed my husband away, he ended up face down on the sidewalk with my husbands knees in the center of his back and my husband slamming the mans face into the cement,
In about two weeks my husband was not invited on a cruise with me, but he forced his way on by taking over the bank account cancelling the loan I was making to his fathers best friend for the cruise, turning it into a double for us, When we started things in 1985 it was not meant to be abuse, just a way to get him to not take his seniority over others that needed things after he came home from the navy. it developed into not having vacations, holidays or weekends of over 28 years until he retired because of MRSA. But I fear if there is another confrontation someone might not live through it.

I have been married to an angry man since 1966 and now I am caring for him with the help of my daughter and son-in -law. He has always been controlling and get angry with the children for the smallest issue. I have been caring for him with Alzhiermers for 15 years now he is at the stage where he wont sit on the toilet or get in the shower. Why did I stay with him all those years?.I would advise anyone not to stay with an angry partner

Jacqueline-thank you for your heart felt story.
The best to you & go live your life for you now.

Alzheimer's/dementia is different than age related memory loss as it is progressive where age related memory loss is not.

Thank you so much for your information. We had my parents come to stay with us, we worked for months to get our house rearranged for them. They demanded seperate bedrooms and kitchen. We built a flat for ourselves upstairs so they could have downstairs. They paid for the extension they needed. My mother has alzheimers and gets forgetful and aggresive, my dad (81) recently had a stroke and also terminal prostate cancer.Dads brother has had alzheimers for many years. They had been served with anti social neighbour legal papers in old house and were even fighting in the street. After they moved in, every day I was exhausted by their demands but did it to ensure they were safe and happy. Each night he would say nighty night, tousle my hair, say he hoped I felt better in the morning etc. (I have many health problems of my own) Then totally out of the blue on the same day lawyer was coming (at their request) to sign POA & wills he blew up ranting, raging, calling me filthy names and making false accusations. He then told rest of family I was robbing them blind and stole from them. They moved back to their old house. He even asked to have me killed. I am so angry because he hasn't been diagnosed with anything that could explain his behaviour and now I have been ostracised from all my family. Not that, that matters so much but it's my reputation and all the lies that will stick and that galls me. I had to get police presence when some of their belongings were being picked up because of the threats. He can smile and be very plausible in front of doctors, others etc. but totally irrational and aggresive practically every other minute. They will probably kill each other with their behaviour, mum had been poisoning dad by tripling his warfarin and paracetemol. She sets things on fire. He grabs things from her and she pulls back resulting in one or other falling, this usually happens on the stairs??? I'm glad I found your page as it helped me to realise he may be ill and not just a nasty evil old man.

OMG. We are going through the SAME experience with my 79 yr old father! I am YOU!!! Please help me with the following dilemna: How to convince a person with dementia, but who is still considered legally "competent" to have the neuro-pscyh test which will most likely deem him legally "incompetent". He has an appt this week. He is in rehab for his mobility. We had to have him committed involuntarily 3 weeks ago for suicidal intentions. He is angry and suspicious of us, but the hospital pscy did recommend he get this test, and the social worker from the hospital set it up, with him being taken directly from rehab to the test. He is now demanding to know who set it up - he is afraid we are trying to take his license (we were not). We want him to be properly diagnosed and treated. It is it alzheimers, he can live a good life for as long as he has left, and it is a condition of his independent living complex that he be "cleared" to return to his apt. The diagnosis from the hospital psych. will not allow for that, as we was diagnosed with severe mood disorder/sever depression with psychosis. No test for alzheimers has been given, yet he has all 10 of the signs. We are trying to distance ourselves from this test, and put the onus on the independent living complex as a condition for readmittance. Now my dad is delusional, saying he is buiying a trailer to live in; buying a new car for one of his friends, flying people around the country for a music concert he wants them all to go to - ARGHHHH!! He can't make financial decisions, really, and my brother and I have durable power of attny, but that only goes so far. He has to be declared incompetent before someone else steps in and acts on his behalf. Lots of stress!! Can you advise?? Glad I found your page!

does the temper come and go and is he normal in between? my father can have rages although the last really bad one was about a year ago. my mum treads on egg shells throughout the day. Can he remember when he loses his temper and what is he like afterwards is he sorry and tearful? my father is, which makes my mother not get the help she needs as she feels sorry for him and is still living in denial. Have u seen a doctor or wont he go? Try to get help if u can i didnt realise how common this problem is and this is the site to get really good feedback and feel like your not alone. people are really good with their support.


I started reading your story and was going to suggest you read "Elder Rage." ;-)