Aging Issues -

Aging Issues

Aging issues run the gamut of senior concerns, including medical, housing, financial and legal problems that arise as a person becomes older and more vulnerable. Learn more.

Articles About Aging Issues
  • Your Chronological Age is Different from Your Biological Age
    A new study confirms that people age at different rates, which can greatly affect your health, physical and cognitive abilities, and appearance.
  • Honor Your Elders' Need for Independence
    As caregivers, we must encourage activities and interests that contribute to our loved ones’ feelings of self-worth while also balancing their safety.
  • More People Living to 90 and Beyond: How do we care for them all?
    The number of Americans that are living in their nineties is expected to increase substantially in the coming decades. Some experts suggest changing the definition of "oldest old" age from 85 to 90 years old.
  • The Link Between Laughter and Memory Loss
    Aging is full of challenging situations, but being able to appreciate the lighter moments can be a good way to manage stress. Learn how çlaughter techniques can help caregivers stay healthy.
  • The Unexpected Secret to Successful Aging
    Caregivers have a heightened awareness of the physical and mental declines that accompany aging. How can you ensure successful aging?
  • 10 Misconceptions about Aging
    Those who approach getting older with a positive outlook are more likely to live longer and have a better quality of life. Dismiss common misconceptions and embrace aging with an optimistic mindset.
  • 10 Things That Make You Feel Old and What To Do About Them
    Discover ways to outwit the everyday things that make you feel old. The idea that aging is an uncontrollable, unstoppable force is faulty. Less than one percent of physical and mental decline each year can be attributed to the aging process alone.
  • 8 Tips from a Healthy Aging Expert
    Healthy aging expert, Dr. Bruce Daggy shares his thoughts on using diet and exercise to delay the negative effects of aging.
  • Elderly at 69
    It's not just my mind that makes me feel old. It's my body, too. And in a society that seems to value youth over everything else, it's a struggle not to feel less-than.
  • Baby Boomers Blaze New Trail as ‘Unhealthiest Generation’
    Baby boomers are used to blazing new trails, but bad health habits may be earning them a place in history as one of the unhealthiest generations.
  • How to Embrace Old Age
    More and more, I see really positive representations of aging. Here are several recent examples I liked.
  • The Most Common Issues of Aging
    The most widespread condition affecting those 65 and older is coronary heart disease, followed by stroke, cancer, pneumonia and the flu. Accidents, especially falls that result in hip fractures, are also unfortunately common in the elderly.

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