Aging at Home -

Aging at Home

Aging at home, or aging in place, means that seniors remodel their homes to adapt to the increasing physical limitations of aging by widening doorways, improving lighting and using other universal design principles. We show seniors and their caregivers how to help seniors age in place.

Articles About Aging At Home
  • Kitchen Fires: Make Cooking Safer for Seniors
    Kitchen fires are one of the leading causes of fire in the home among seniors. Here are some fire safety tips for making cooking safer for seniors.
  • When One Parent Can No Longer Care For Their Spouse
    Caregiver question: Dad can't care for mom alone anymore, but refuses to put her in assisted living. Can we intervene when one parent needs assisted living?
  • How My 'Village' is Helping Me Age in Place
    In recent weeks, I've been following the spread of the "Village" concept around the country. These villages are non-profit membership organizations designed to help seniors stay in their own homes -- active, safe, and comfortable. What a great idea!
  • How to Safely Pick a Loved One (or Yourself) Up After a Fall
    Falls are a common occurrence for seniors, so it’s important to know what to do after one occurs. Use these tips to get your elderly loved one on their feet again and avoid any further injury.
  • Remember Humpty-Dumpty
    The worst fall I ever took was on April 1, 2008. Now I take steps to make sure the house is safer for Charlie and I.
  • Tips to Extend Independence of a Senior at Home
    Seniors long to stay home and retain their independence as long as possible. There are many tools available for family caregivers to utilize and share with their aging loved one. Exploring the options and implementing small changes for their benefit will greatly increase the time they can remain home before needing placement in a care facility. Consider their unique circumstances as the need for assistance increases to support their freedom for as long as possible.
  • 5 Qualities to Look for in a Professional Caregiver
    The traits a caregiver needs to provide high quality care and establish a bond with an elderly client run deeper than skills alone. Include these 5 important attributes in your search for the right match for your loved one.
  • 4 Caregiving Essentials
    Those who are caring for a loved one, including home health aides, registered nurses and social workers, witness some of the patient's most vulnerable moments. These are a few essential points professionals may see that could easily fly under the radar for family members, friends or even a routine checkup.
  • Neighbors Can Be Lifesavers for Older Adults Who Live Alone
    Families often worry about the safety of an older adult who lives alone, especially if there are no other relatives who live near by. In these instances, an aging loved one's neighbors can be an invaluable source of information and security.
  • 5 Technologies to Help Seniors Live Independently
    Rapidly advancing technology is making it easier than ever for seniors to age in place. Discover five important technological tools that may allow you loved one to live at home longer.
  • Innovative Kitchen Makes Meal Prep Simpler for Seniors
    The ChopChop kitchen is one industrial designer's answer to helping seniors age (and cook) in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Helpful Home Modifications for When a Parent Moves In
    A caregiver shares the adjustments and renovations she made to prepare her home for her elderly father-in-law to move in.
  • Aging at Home with Intentional Communities
    "Intentional communities" enable the elderly to stay at home longer with full access to assisted living services and thus offering respite for the primary caregiver.

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