Age-related Eating Problems -

Age-related Eating Problems

Age-related eating problems can include pickiness, digestive disturbances, flatulence, anorexia and more. Learn about age-related eating problems.

Articles About Age-related Eating Problems
  • Taking a Bite Out of Senior Diet Myths
    The varied health concerns of seniors can make it difficult for caregivers to know how to manage their elderly loved one's diet. An expert dispels 7 common myths about senior nutrition and offers advice for caregivers.
  • Celiac Disease in the Elderly
    Celiac disease in the elderly can be easily managed by following a proper diet. Doctor's today are seeing cases of celiac disease or gluten intolerance in the elderly.
  • How to Make a Healthy Version of a Shamrock Shake
    Ensuring seniors get the nutrients they need can be very difficult. See if you can tempt your loved one with this healthy take on McDonald's classic minty treat.
  • Personal Chefs Can Help Seniors at Home
    Millions of aging adults suffer from malnourishment because they can't prepare healthy meals. A new company provides affordable personal chefs to help older adults eat better so they can age at home and avoid placement.
  • How to Know if a Parent is Eating in the Senior Living Community
    Assisted living and skilled nursing facilities seek to provide balanced, nutritional meals for their residents, but when your parent isn't eating enough, it could signal an underlying medical problem.
  • Quick and Healthy Foods for Picky Eaters
    Having trouble getting your loved one to eat? Here are some tasty, easy-to-prepare foods to have on hand at all times for picky eaters and elderly people who won't eat.
  • 'Healthy' Foods That Elderly People Should Never Eat
    Certain foods contain germs that can easily make elderly people very sick, causing food-borne illness, also known as food poisoning. Here is a list of foods that elderly people should avoid.
  • Does an Apple a Day Keep Muscle Loss at Bay?
    Currently untreatable, age-related muscle loss can make an elder more prone to falls, injury,and disease. But, scientists have just discovered a compound, commonly found in apple skins, that may help reduce muscle wasting in the elderly.

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