About AgingCare.com - The Go-To Destination for Family Caregivers

What is AgingCare.com?

We believe passionately that AgingCare.com is your community. We're your partner in caregiving—and as such, you've made us the go-to destination for family caregivers. AgingCare.com is where caregivers discover that they are not alone, how to survive, and how to provide the care their loved one needs.

Why We're Here

AgingCare.com is not simply a website, but a community of caregivers facing the challenge of caring for a loved one. We're here to provide a comfortable meeting place for the free exchange of ideas with knowledgeable professionals, responsive experts, and people just like you.

It's here you'll get answers to your questions, one-on-one support and practical advice. Most importantly, you'll be part of a caring community of others on the caregiving journey—all sharing the experiences, insights, frustrations and hidden joys of caring for elderly family.

“Thank you for the site, which is a very important, supportive resource for those struggling with the many aspects of caregiving.”


Who We Are

Our editorial, design and development groups value, promote and fiercely protect the integrity and reputation of AgingCare.com. Many of us are caregivers, too. We work tirelessly to ensure AgingCare.com is here for you every day, in every possible way.

Our team also includes elder care experts who actively participate in the caregiver community, answering your questions and sharing their expertise in all aspects of elder care. Our writers take their cues from the caregiver community and provide relevant, award-winning articles on topics such as maintaining physical and emotional well-being, handling family conflicts, managing legal and financial needs, and finding appropriate senior housing.

AgingCare.com is proud to have some of the most passionate and knowledgeable minds in their field. Their daily contributions to the AgingCare.com community help enable you to make informed decisions that are right for you and for your loved ones.

“I am overwhelmed at the breadth and depth of the topics found here. This is the best website. Thank you for every ounce of energy you've poured into helping caregivers.”


Who You Are

You, the AgingCare.com community, consist of more than 6 million family caregivers from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

You come from all races, both genders, and a variety of national origins and ages.

You come to the community from all stages along the caregiving journey, from preplanning to seeking support after the loss of a loved one.

You come from all walks of life and all professions, from homemaker to minister to CEO.

You come to vent, laugh, cry, share and learn.

You welcome everyone to find comfort in knowing they are not alone, whether they are an active, sharing community member or are more comfortable just browsing.

You are bound together by the challenge of caring for an elderly loved one.

It is this bond that keeps you together and helps the community pull individuals through the most challenging moments of caring for an older family member.

You are unsung heroes.

“The advice, understanding, support and love that everyone shares here is genuine and real. It's such a relief to come here and vent or ask questions. It's a great place to offer my own experiences, and a great place to heal.”