Timely Topics in Elder Care

Timely Topics

Is Aging in Place Always the Best Option for Seniors?
Most of us old folks claim we want to age in place—to stay in the familiar homes we love. But for many, that choice turns seniors into "elderly orphans," alone and isolated. What to do?

Aging Well: Love and Zest for Life Trump Money
I decided to profile people I know who seem to be aging well. First up: my dear friends Daniel and Marione Ingram. They don't boast a huge bank account, but they are rich in ways that most of us would envy.

Health Care: To Reduce Risks and Costs, Less Is More
So many people automatically think, "the more health care (pills, treatments, operations), the better." This is not always the case. We risk our own welfare and bankrupt our nation's treasury with that approach. I am convinced that less is more.

How to Stay Well in Hot Weather
As the summer weather continues to heat up, it is crucial to remember that heat-related illness can be devastating--especially for individuals 65 and older.

Beneficiaries Should Exercise Caution When Allocating Trust Funds
Special Needs Trust Funds can help safeguard disabled individuals against becoming impoverished. However, the use of these funds must comply with government agencies' income guidelines.

Why These College Students Love Living in a Retirement Home
Groups of healthy college students are living alongside older adults in nursing homes and other long term care facilities. The unusual arrangement offers benefits to both young and old.

Alone No Longer
Isolation is an unfortunately common side effect of being a family caregiver. Youth caregivers are especially vulnerable to feeling like they are all alone in their struggle. But there are ways these caregivers can connect with and support each other

How to Embrace Old Age
More and more, I see really positive representations of aging. Here are several recent examples I liked.

Susan Collins: Aging America's Ally on the Hill
Senator Susan Collins is known for taking heroic action on behalf of America's 43 million older adults, and she was recently appointed Chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging.

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