Is there work that I can do from home while I am taking care of my mother at home?

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There are jobs from home through reputable companies, many of them computer or telephone support jobs. Be very careful not to fall for a scam.
There are training programs for things like medical billing that are legitimate. Check at a local community college and see if there are courses. Also, places like McDonald's (this may have changed, but I think they still do this) have people in their homes taking orders. But again, make sure you initiate the search, so you don't fall for an Internet scam. Your local job services may be able to help you, or a national job search site (since you'd be working with a phone or computer, most likely).
Good luck. There are many people who want these jobs, so I don't know how hard they are to get. I hope others will chime in with answers.
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I am trying to have my own business selling collectibles on eBay and Craigslist and maybe my hand made jewelry and visor/scarves Etsy. However, having the Time to do anything but care-giving and keeping the house up in general, get the idea.

I also would welcome ideas.

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