Will social security pay a family member to care for a patient in their home? most people can not work and care for a person full time!

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They generally don't pay for this. You are in a similar situation to millions of other adult children. I'd suggest you go to your state Web's site, type "aging" in the search bar, and look for links to give you local options. Much depends on where you live.
Would social security pay a family member to take care of their mom?
From my understanding---the patient has to spend down most of their assets and then can apply for medicade....Medicare only will pay-if a person is released from a hosptal-and to a facility for rehab-and they will only pay just a certain number of days. If you have long term insurnce-then you are in luck, Perhaps there are ways to have your family member looked after-while you are at work--such as adult day care; .If possible, call a family meeting in person-or a telephone
conference-and try to iron this out.
My father is blind in one eye and going blind in the other. Can I get financial assistance for his in home care. I am his only caregiver.
That first answer is wrong. If your state has the IHSS, you can get paid a certain amount of hours to be determined by a social worker to care for a relative. This is the site for California, but other states have this program.

I think the person has to be broke to get this, just like all government help, you can't have any money for extra help. I am not sure on this, but my Dad is poor so we qualified.
I've been checking around too, some states-counties have it, others don't, it all varies and a friend of mine said, they will take everything, to be reimbursed including the parent's house if they own one, when they pass away. you would think..our government would wise up...family home care can be cheaper on medicare-medicade than a nursing home. and save bucks for the system. but then again, I guess they would worry about incompetant family members, just wanting to cash in. really all you can do, is make pre arrangements with the parent to pay you personally, with part of thier SSI thru a written contract, while they are still mentally able, to go to a lawyer. this will also help to keep sibbling squabbles out of it as well. I never thought of things like the water bill with all the washing, wear on the washer, I had to buy a new one, the electric with his extra room heater, and special foods, would add up so, we have plenty of space and time, my dad is no problem here, but groceries and utilities and other needs, such as extra sheets and shower chair, safety handles etc. are starting to really put a strain on the budget. best to get things in writing. I know my dad would help more, but my mom is still alive, and needs most of his SSI to keep things going at the house, so he cannot donate that much. LOVE is great, we are willing to give up years of our lives to care for our folks, after all, they raised us, but LOVE does not pay the bills. I am finding that out for sure. good luck finding help and have a lawyer read all the fine print before you sign anything, you don't want to loose your house because of some fine print.... be cautious!

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