Will Medicare or Medicaid pay for adult diapers?

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yes do medicare or medicaid pay for adults diapers,caine,walker if so what is the process to get them to pay for these products what number do i got to call for my mother to apply
medicare will pay for 1 (I believe) medical device a year prescribed by your doctor, hubby received a cane, then about 7 months later a walker and approx 3 months from that a wheel chair, it was explained that since he progressed thru the devices he was eligible for more then 1. Had he received the walker and then needed a cane they would not have paid for the cane.
The maze of services out there is a nightmare to navigate, hang in there, keep asking questions, stand firm, I finally had to get my state rep involved to get hubby on some services.
They do not pay for diapers or pads. The best place I have found for these items is RiteAid and K-Mart. They both have good sales and RiteAid has a program for caregivers. Also, when a sale is on ask the manager if you can buy a case lot for futher savings. I always buy ahead for Mom because they can get very expensive at the regualar prices. good luck
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will medicare pay for adult diapers? Who do I call to enroll in home delivery?
My mother is a nursing home--will medicare pay for her adult diapers?
Isn't that a supply the NH provides?
The nursing hoe should supply the diapers-they charge at least $ 450 a day. If you are on home care through medicare supplies are covered in my state. It never hurts to call social services to ask what is covered.
Will Medicaid Pay For Adult Diapers i cant find anyone to help me so can someone Please
I'm a supplier, (diapers,pull-up,underpad,glove,) if your parents need adult diapers...please contac me at (305) 586-9165..free delivery at your door. just call and delivery will be DONE..
Medicare does not pay for adult diapers. My local medical supply store told me that Medicare does not pay for anything "bathroom related" which includes things like shower chairs, too. Medicaid depends on your state. Medicare is a federal program, but Medicaid is a state program. Adult diapers should be supplied by the nursing home and are usually considered part of the per diem charge.

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