Will medicaid pay for a motor wheelchair?

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You might try calling some of those companies that advertise on tv and ask them - I always see commercials advertising chairs that qualify for medicare with no upfront payment.
I do not think medicare will pay it, but what we did was buy a used one which had not been used much at a nursing home the mother had passed on and the family left it there to see if anyone would buy. You have to be very careful with medicare because many times when you buy durable they will tell you you may be responsible for if if medicare does not pay- so get it in writing if they say they will pay what the comerial says if you are approved for the cost and medicare does not pay you get it for free but as I said they will not always tell you for sure that they will pay they will pay for a reg. w/c if you have not gotten any other assivetive device in 5 yrs such as a walker, crutches etc. Look in the paper lots of people sell used equipement and the motorized w/c we got was almost new and we bought a stand-up chair that raises to make it easier from another pt. in another nursing home which was new- the one she had had broken and the company said it could not be fixed but the maintaince man at the facility did fix so she sold us the nrw and we dayes a lot of money both times.

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