My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2008. All money has been in my name. Will he qualify for Medicaid?

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pre-marriage. he only has his Social Security check. We live in NJ. I am 10 years younger and DO NOT collect social security. Will he qualify for Medicaid? I also only own a Timeshare, his name was never on it. Can they take that, or should I buy more Timeshares. We have no children and I have no family that has monies to care for me when I need it. What can I do?

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There are many parts to Medicaid that make it complicated for caregivers and their elderly love ones to understand. That's why here at we have created a special section for Medicaid and Medicare to help answer caregivers question.

I have included two articles that will help you determine the requirement for and elderly person to qualify for Medicaid.

Hope this helps :)

How Can My Elderly Parent Qualify for Medicaid?

Assets You Can Have to Still Qualify for Medicaid

-Karie H. Team

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