buzby Asked June 2010

My grandmother has Medicare and AARP. Will either of these pay for a nursing home?


she 88-years-old, does not own a house and her income is $1,100/month

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195Austin Jun 2010
Medicare and AARP will pay for 100 days in rehab after a 3 day hospital stay and that wil give you time to apply for medicaide-have the social woorker help you they can get what you need easier than you can- they can get acceptance quickly because they want to be paid so make sure they do most of the work-they will if you tell them it is too much for you to handle-do not be afraid to cry-it works and if need be you can go to an elder lawyer nd charge the fee to the account of the elder they might charge a retainer but they can get the paperwork easily -he charged me five hr. so that meant he could do it in 2-3 hrs. easily-do not go crazy over it like I did-my husband died before I got to see social service after spending three horrible weeks trying to do it by myself except for the 45 min. the social worker helped me after I had a meltdown in her office and was amaxed how much she was able to do.
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