Why is my wife seeing a "bug" in her eye?

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earlier today, she sneezed very hard and suddenly a form of a bug on the right side of her right eye appeared; it's driving her crazy; what do u think this is and what can be done about "getting rid" of this nuisance.

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an appointment with an eye dr is the way you want to go. There is really no way we as laypeople could diagnose anything like that.
go to the eye dr that has the equipment to take a picture on the eyeball. blinding flash and there's your eyeball as big as the sun. They'll be able to see everything.
Good Luck and wish your wife well for us!
Yes she needs to see an eye dr. Is she diabetic? It could be a bleed in the retna somtimes elderly get, they can fix it. Its annoying. If she gets severe pain in the eye she needs to go to an er immidatly. Otherwise it could be so many things an eye dr. Appt. Is the best thing to do.
Yea, I was thinking it could be a burst vessel from the sneeze. Does she have a history of high blood pressure?
thanks for responding in a caring manner; she'll be seeing her eye doctor asap.
You betcha!

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