patlawn Asked June 2010

I am the primary caregiver for my dad and drive everywhere. If he gets a new car who pays for the car, the registration, and the insurance?


Lawyer has me on a caregiver contract (my siblings signed it) ... dad's car is old and mostly we use my 1997 honda civic for everything. I care for him in the home and he does pay me (which I keep invoices for and pay taxes on.) Can a newer (ie:2008 car) be purchased by him and have that be the car we use for all his MD Appt.s etc. I do for him. Could this be part of a legal way to spend down his assets? Should the car's registration be kept in his name and how about the insurance (even though he no longer drives)? We are approaching the five year date from when he signed over the house and some of his assets to me and my other 3 siblings (february of 2006 was that date). Thank You. Pat

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EXPERT Carol Bradley Bursack Jun 2010
Hi Pat.
You should see the attorney on this one. It all makes perfect sense, but there may be ways to do this that are legal, and other ways which are not. Good luck. I hope it works - you deserve it. And you did the right thing in having a contract drawn up. Smart people!
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