Who do we call that will come and care for our father in his house and accept Medicaid?

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Parents live in TX - father is bed ridden, mother feeds, bathes and cares for him. Mother was now taken to ER with pain & no feeling in left leg. Parents are over 65 on Medicaid. Father is a Vietnam Vet. Who can we call, that accepts Medicaid, to come and care for father in-home? I live in GA and can not get there immediately.

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Medicaid is administered by the states, generally through the county. Call your social services people for advice. There should be some help in place for you. You can also check your state Web site under aging services for respite care. Each state has some funding for the Family Caregiver Support Program, but it's administered differently in each state. Please also call the VA. They may have in-home services. The do in my ND/MN area.

You've got your hands full. Good luck.

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