My mother has dementia and keeps taking off her diaper while sleeping. Where can I find a water proof mattress that is not just a cover?

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If you do a Google or Bing search for 'waterproof mattress' you should see what you want.

H20 PROOFING A BED - When my dad gets a cold or feels down, his ability to get up and go to the washroom also vaporizes. During those periods, I have used 24"x24" "liners," which are disposable and taped them write onto the sheets. I also have taken a bunch of Depends and "stitched" them together with tape to make a big absorbent sheet when I couldn't find the sheets.

I use these absorbent solutions because I found that my dad would remove his pjs or underpants once he had wetted them, or even moved sheets off the bed when wet. With absorbent liners, it increased the odds of getting us thru a night.

By the way, I never took the plastic wrap off the bed mattress when I bought it. Maybe a cheap alternative is to go to a furniture store and ask if they have any plastic sheets large enough. Heck, maybe the hardware store has some large painter drop-cloths or tarps to cover up the mattress.

And of course, these are just patch-work solutions, a hospital-type washable bed is great if you can get it, ie. via various online suppliers as mentioned above. A visit to your local hospital and pharmacy also might point you to a supplier.

Let us know how it goes.
you can also get a motion detector that beeps when they get up= my mom gets upset if she accidently pees or poops, i bought it at radio shack for 89 dollars. cuz she was falling all the time so i can get to her before she gets all the way out of the bed and assist her to the abathroom, it beeps in my room .also bought a baby monitor from babies r us so i can see- sometimes false alarm, just turned over. got the one withe a portable hand held monitor when going from one room to another= makes life easier= mom went camping with us= she went to bed at ten used the motion detector it worked thirty ft. away so i was able to sit a the campfire until midnight. hope this helps

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