Where can I find a list of foods for diabetics?

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it is not about finding the right foods to eat it is about not having to much of it , they can eat anything but not to much of it , diabetics to eat at least 6 times a day but small meals and not give the same all day like if she he had bread in the morning dont give it at lunch , watch out for grams of sugar labeled and how many carbs . carbs is natural foods that turn to sugar and will make the levels go up high so a diabetic cant have a whole banana just a small amount , that is how we have to watch what they eat and how much ,take care good luck

Estee is right on point: it's all about portions. To make things easier, go online and search for a "diabetes food exchange list." It's an awesome tool which some of my diabetic clients find very useful when they go out to eat.

-- ED
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Great suggestion Ed. Here is an article that has lists of foods that are on the Diabetes Exchange Diet:


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