Where do I learn caregiving tools and tips to better care for an elderly person?

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I learned how to assist my mother by being at the rehab center with her after her stroke. I would contact a local rehab center or nursing home to see if they would let you observe or talk to her doctor and see if you can get in home occupational therapy (they will come in and show both of you how to do things safely like bathing, using a walker getting up and down, in and out of a car, stairs...whatever obstacles are in your home). Most the equipment they use you can buy online. It's really going to depend on how mobile she is or if she has injured herself (in which case call an ambulance). They taught mom to get on her hands and knees, crawl to a chair and use the chair to pull herself up. The last time she fell, I had to roll her from her bottom onto her knees, put a chair in front of her and I helped her up into it. There are many different bath chairs and lifts available to suit your bathroom, just google. Best Wishes!

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