When or should I quit giving my dad his meds?

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My dad has alzheimer's/dementia and he is getting a lot worse recently. We have placed him in a memory unit 3 months ago. I am just curious if there is ever a time when we should consider taking him off all of the medicines that supposedly slow the progression? This is the most horrible human suffering I have ever witnessed and as much as I love my dad, it just seems cruel to keep trying to prolong his life.

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Whatitis, I wouldn't advice stopping any of your Dad's medicine without a doctor's approval. I can understand that your Dad's quality of life is no longer there, but the medicine might make him feel calmer.

When it is time for Hospice, it isn't unusual for Hospice to stop most of medicine [each case is different].
Hospice will allow meds that keep him comfortable. There is a difference in meds for anxiety and being combative. I do agree that at this point those used to slow the progression down may not be needed. I have heard they may help in the early stages but not so much later on. Speak to the doctor at the facility assigned to r Dad. My daughter works in long-term and says they really try to get people off of some of their meds.
There are NO medications that slow the progression of dementia. NONE. I think in the beginning there was some hope they might achieve that, but there is no evidence that they do. If they help at all, they help right now. For example, aricept helped stop hallucinations for my husband. So they may be worth trying, but if they are not helping in the here and now, they are a waste of money.

These drugs also do NOT prolong life. So they are probably pretty neutral right now.

If your father is on other drugs to prolong his life, you might talk to his doctor about discontinuing them.
Yes, freqflyer, I always consult with his Doctors about his medicines but the last couple of annuals that he has been to, the doctor ask us (my mom and I) if we wanted her to continue prescribing the medications. Like it was up to us. So this kind of doctoring makes me question who's decision some of these drugs are. ???
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Whatitis, my mom was on namenda for about eight years. The doc asked if we should take her off. He said the benefit of the meds had been surpassed because of the length of time she took it. I have heard of some when they stop the meds there is a drastic, sudden decline, others no change at all. So, I kept her on the meds. If it is not broken do not fix it. The chance of the drastic decline is what caused us to continue the meds. And namenda does not extend life. It helps to treat symptoms.

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