What do you do about hallucinations?

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Have you had your grandfather checked for a UTI? That's the first thing that should be ruled out.
thanks Nancy, it seems that he is having a fresh set of new visions.
my mom spent her last 2 months trippin at various levels almost full time. she was getting monthly injections of haldol and haldol tabs daily. doc wanted her to get herself into the care of a phsyc so he could find a good med level but she died before the arrangements were made. the tripping is to be expected imo and was pretty manageable. mom wasnt alarmed by the visuals and for all i know they could have been mildly euphoric. family doc can prescribe to an extent but brain medicine isnt his specialty so he may refer her to phsyc.
haldol is just an old standard in tranq's.
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when the hallucinations were too strong back in the 70's we used beer and weed to counter them. " takin the edge off ", we called it.

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