what state and/or federal programs/agencies are available for helping to care for the elderly? Need financial assistance!

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Correction: After doing the math, I bet it would add up to MORE THAN a months rent!
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Dear Wendy, I would contact Medicare and explain the situation. You may be able to get some respite care with a 24/7 caregiver for the landlady while you are taking your break. Also have you applied for the energy program discounts for those on Medicaid and very low incomes? You could also be getting food stamps through medicaid. In addition, your landllady (or her son) could be paying you for your services from her assets, or should be giving you some kind of a break on the rent (free would be nice). Think about this: at an average of $20/hr., for all the services you provide, total up your weekly hours and do the math. That is how much she would have to pay an outside caregiver (I'll bet it would equal a month's rent). You also mention being engaged to her son for 2 years - that's a pretty long engagement. You also have not mentioned what part your fiance plays in helping with his mother's caregiving. Please do not let yourself be used. I apologize if am reading too much into your situation - but believe me this would not be the first time boyfriends and spouses have used their partners for years. We would hate to see you getting sucked into a life of subservience. It's no way to live and you will end up old before your time. Food for thought - don't sell yourself short.
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I'm not an expert, but I can point you in a few places to start. Look for your local Area Council on Aging. I just googled the one for NOLA :
New Orleans Council On Aging
Address: 2475 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone:(504) 821-4121

They can point you to local resources. Is the landlady on Medicaid? She might be entitled to some in-home care, and that could be you. Where does she get her medical treatment? The doctor or hospital can refer you to a social worker, who should know a lot about what's available.

If you attend a church, they often know a lot about what's available to help you and her.

You both should be eligible for food stamps. Google LA CAFE to find where to apply online. Click on "Locate a community partner to assist you."

You certainly need and deserve help. God bless you.
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I have been taking care of my landlady for over two years and have never received a payment for this care. It leaves me homebound, and together we get a total of $1700 per month from social security. We try to stretch it as far as possible, but with electricity, gas, water, and city services costs going through the roof, we are not making it.

I feed her, bathe her, grocery shop for her, cook for her, make sure she takes her medication properly, obtain the medicine, and generally do everything for her that she is unable to do.

I feel as though I should be paid something for my services, as they are 24/7/365.
Whom should I contact to get paid for my services?
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I am not a family member, but I am the sole caretaker for my landlady. She is 87, lives in her own apartment (7 steps away from me), and I am engaged to her son. I have been taking care of her on a daily basis for over 2 years. I am also disabled, receiving medicaid and ssi. However, with the price of electricity, gas, and water going through the roof, we are unable at this time to pay the electric bill. Entergy has threatened to turn off electricity to home on Friday. We made a partial payment of $300.00 on a $522.00 + bill, but apparently, that's not good enough to prevent disconect. Is there any emergency help available to us immediately?
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You came to the right place to start. Check this article out on financial aid programs that help people caring for elderly family:


The AgingCare Team
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