What is hospice care and how do I sign up for it?

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My mom is 90 yrs old, I am her only caregiver ( iam her daughter) she has alshiemiers/dementi

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i would talk to the family doctor and he could get you started on hospices thru the home health care .
i called the doctor last summer cuz my dad was acting like he was dying , dr ask me do i want home health nurse or do i want hospices . i tol dhim lets start with home health nurses .
nurse said it was the painpill that put my dad into a lala land , so had to wean him off of it and now he s back to himself .
call your doctor ...
thanks for the response, my doctor doesnt believe in nursing homes,he said that parents should be with there children until the end and not discarded to a home. The doctor said the quaility of care is just not the same. So I will not ask but tell him to get me some assistance in home health care or hospice. I think i've been to eager to please both the advise of doctor and mom and feel like ive spread my self to thin. Did i mention i also have my 89 yr old mother in law living with me too she has emphysema!!! They both see the same doctor.
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Babe, fire the doctor. I did. Just in time. Just because they have that MD does not mean they graduated at the top of the class. ...Hospice care is wonderful, as long as it is a not-for-profit hospice. I have watched neighbors and friends resist hospice, or even just nursing homes, until the last minute. Trust me on this: at a certain point they do better with professional care from strangers.
Thanks! I'm looking for hospice info and a different DR. too!

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