When an elderly parent falls and 911 is called, what is documented?

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My aunt has a personal alarm system that is paid for by Medicaid thru a program of the Area Office on Aging. When she pushes her button, the Call Center calls me as her relative to inform that her alarm has been activated, calls me if dispatched and calls her case manager at the Area Office on Aging to inform. If she bruises herself, this is reported to her case manager. The case manager has a record of the number of times that a squad has gone to her home. There was one time that a policeman came to her home because the Call Center thought that she had activated her alarm, when, actually, her phone was out of order. The Call Center has also called me to inform me of when the power is out or the phone is out of order.
What if they don't have a personal alarm, which means no caseworker. Just two it three paramedics from our local fire dept, to pick her up because no one can lift her. My Dad, who's pretty feeble is the one who calls. So 'what' , in this case, do you suppose gets documented?
Chances are the entire episode gets documented. They keep records for future reference & they are quite thorough. That is why they ask all the questions....who, what, when & so on. It all goes into a report.
Sorry, the report stays with the fire dept. unless social services is called for an evaluation if they think there is negligence or abuse.
Case workers cost lots of money. We don't all have that luxury.
In my town the calls go to a center I think it is seperate from the police and sheriff dept. The person anawering ask what happen and what if any injury occured and if you need help-my husband was too much for me to pick up and if he was not injured and could not get himself up I called 911 and told them he fell which were all the calls and there had to be over 50 within a 2-3 year period and they usually sent two officers or during the day the fire dept would send two guys some times the emt people would come they were very good about and did not put any blame on me and just picked him up and put him in bed or the w/c sometimes he fell outside from a tractor he shouls not have been on none of these were reported to social service-I wished they had been I would have gotten help if it had been reported to social service because his care was really too much for me. Now in the county south of us my SIL's mother called 91 3 times and was told they would report her so he called her neighbors after that-but a friend in the same township called very often and she was not reported-I understand in a city it would have been investigated and social service would have been involved I did not call when he threatened sucide because he would have refused to be taken anywhere and it would have been a waste of there time-in our state EMT's or paramedics do not have to take anyone away from the home unless they determine they are a danger to themselves or others if they refuse I was told by his physc doc and NP just to call 911 and they would make such a fuss he never would pull that again but in my case that would not work I asked an EMT and a police officer and they told me the policy to remove them from the home was what I said above. So the short answer is it depends where you live, reports are made about the fall but it does not go to social service and the no. of times you call does not matter in my town-we wold take a pizza to the police dept. at times and we always supported our vol. fire dept.
Thank you for your answers. I live in a small town, where most of the town knows each other. I just worry about them living by themselves , and wonder if the people coming to help my Mom 'up', observe and document the fact that my Dad can barely walk, and is in the home with her. It's not my choice, we've made MANY offers for them to move in with us or vice-versa. According to them, they aren't that bad off "( I've had people ask me, "they're not still living by themselves, are they?"
What is documented is all the information which caused the fall, the patients apparent state of mind, medications, and vital signs. If there is no evidence of negelect or abuse it is usually not reported to any agency. However, if falls occur frequently, several times a month, is that environment the safest place or does that person need a more supervised environment?
In my case no one even asked how my health was or if we needed help or suggested options for his freg, falls and just did their job so to speak when he fell in our handicaped tub they watched as my son took it apart-most of his fall were due to wanting attention and he learned from his mother and grandparents how to ge t as much attention as he was able-I had made the decision to place him soon before he died I never expected him to go first-he had no stress and got his way about almost everything.

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