What is covered by Medicare supplemental insurance?


Where and how much will it cost?

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Medicare supplemental insurance is used to help pay your Medicare deductibles, copayments and coinsurance. A Medigap insurance policy (also called Medigap supplemental insurance or Medicare supplemental plans) helps pay the "gap" between what Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B) pays for your health care and what you pay out of your own pocket.

The above is copied from http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/medicare-supplement/ which has a lot of helpful information about these plans. Costs for these plans vary a lot according to the extent of coverage. Finding ones in your area can be done by going to the Medicare site and searching there:

"Plan D" is a separate kind of insurance that helps cover the cost of prescription medications, and these plans can also be found for your area by going to the Medicare.gov site http://www.medicare.gov/part-d/index.html.
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I have a Medicare supplement policy through Humana which costs me $71/mo. So far it has picked up the cost of everything that Medicare has not. My prescriptions are mail order through RightSource and has cost me $00. Go to the Medicare website and click on supplemental polices and it will bring up several to choose from.
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