What is Advanced Care Planning?

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My Grandfathers Drs are pushing something called Advanced Care Planning. Can somebody please explain to me what that is...

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Advance care planning is the process of discussing and determining treatment decisions such as a Living Will, and appointing a health care proxy in the event that your mother is not able to make medical decisions for herself. Advance Care planning can make a critical difference in your life, and the lives of your parents as they age, either in emergency situations or when facing end-of-life care situations.

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There is so much advice about advance care planning with parents. That is all good and well, but what do you do when your parents do not feel like it and leaves everything to chance. My parents live each day as it comes and doesn't worry about the future and nothing I suggest will make them move. If they refuse to take the initiative now, please don't suggest I be there when things start to fall apart.

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