What could be going on in my grandmothers body that she would ask to go to the bathroom to urinate and can't at times?

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She is 92, has alzheimers (moderate stage) sleeps and is tired most of the time and her legs won't work much of the time. It's my assumption that she will be bedridden in the near future. There will be spans of time that she will not got for 10 hours. She drinks an adequate amount of fluids. None of that has changed. She will wake us up to go and can't, several times through the night and then the morning reveals she is soaking wet. This is something that has occurred the last week or two.

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It seems that she has a very sensitive bladder, so she feels the need to go, but when she sits in the right position, there isn't much urine, or else her muscles tighten and won't let it out. Then, she is exhausted (you must be, too), and so she sleeps through the real "event." Likely there is more to this, and the doctor should be advised on this situation. I remember my mother being very frustrated about needed to go to the bathroom and then not being able to - this was in her last months of life - but she didn't have AD. Please do check with the doctor. She may have a medication that is causing this, as well.
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It sounds nutty but sometimes, with dementia, they forget how to let their stream flow. When she is on the pot, get her to blow a bubble....imaginary or real. Presto change! UTI seems most likely, but wïthAZ this forgetting also is possible.
I'd make sure she doesn't have a bladder infection also.
Thank you so much. My husband and I have noted all our concerns and will give them to the Hospice nurse when she comes today.
They used a catheter to get a catch of urine and it looked fine, but there was only a 1/4 of a cup of it. The nurse was really surprised that was all it produced. I'm wondering if her kidneys are trying to shut down. Thanks for all your helpful advice and answers. They were all used when I spoke to the nurse and everything is being checked out.

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