I am my Mother's Power of Attorney...what does that mean?

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My Father passed away in July. She has become very frail and I am concerned abo about her driving. If she has an accident and gets hurt or hurts someone can I be held liable?

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Alot of people would call it "your responseable of all her affairs.i call it help her, thats what it is your helping her and you were assigned to do this..i assumed this is all in writing and as far as being liable..not sure but i would stop it before it get any worst.. is she a alz candiate do she have dementia?? it means alot you can sign for her finanically medically etc etc if she not able to sign her name i would get some more legal advice to find out for sure there are different D.P.O.A some can still sign and still have a D.P.O.A it depends my friend
thank you for your kind response... Mom had a heart attack not two weeks after Dad died... I think she is grieving and not reasonable... She dosen't want to take medications and she wants to do whatever she wants without regard for anyones feelings or her safety. I some what feel this is a grieve reaction however she has always been somewhat difficult...I MISS my Dad so much!!!
I know how you feel i lost my father a yr ago and i still grieve for him and mom i go to the cementary alot i found my self going three times a week but i have broke it down to 1 time a week but it still hurts and it gonna hurt for along time. people say it gets better..i don;t know about that i lost my mom in 2003 in wreck along with my dad he survived but she didnt and thats even harder..i was thankful that god left us dad but when he died i cried every nite and now i catch my self crying every once in while i assumed you were close to your dad..i was a DADDYS GIRL and i know how you feel, i will pray that your mother stays safe and you ..good luck my friend
I was a Daddy's girl and his caregiver... The last two weeks when he was in bed I lived with them and took care of him... He was a gentle caring man that just loved us!!! thank you for your kind thoughts... take care, J
It would be so helpful if one of the Attorneys who advertise on this site could answer the question for all to see!! Thank you!
yes it would!!!
yea but i think they are are on the topic of legal situations
This is a legal situation. Hello--where are the experts? It wouldn't hurt for someone to simply explain it. This stuff can be scary if you don't understand.
i understand that!!!there are legal experts on here my friend i dnt remember which one its on.. why dont you search you will find them they answer questions i know that

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