I am an 82 year older elder and could use some help with household chores and errands once a week, any ideas for help?

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Please contact your local Area Agency on Aging. Aou could qualify for some free assistance if your income qualifies. To find a company in your local community see "Home health" section of the yellow pages. This help might cost $15 to $20 an hour depending on where you live and your needs. Help with medications takes a special certification so might be more expensive. Often they employ young people that may not clean to your standards so don't be afraid to watch them and ask them to do things your way. You're paying for it afterall.. My Mom asked for a "mature" woman so they found a great 50-something lady. If you DO hire someone from one of these companies be sure to ask if they are bonded and do back ground checks on ALL staff. once someone DOES begin to come in to your home ALWAYs keep cash stashed in a secure place. Do not leave these things in the open: your purse, wallet, credit cards or ANYTHING that has financial or private information like your social security number. If you have jewelry or other small valueable items, put them away in a location that won't be 'cleaned". most people are honest and will do a good job but now and then you get a stinker and it only takes one to ruin your experience. good luck to you
There is a website online called care.com
At this website you can find all kinds of helpers and caregivers in your area. You can also get references and background checks on the helpers if you want. There are different categories of caregivers---like household cleaning, senior helpers, and so on. This site was set up by lawyer Lisa Bloom, who is a commentator on TV news programs. It is a well-run, good quality website.

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