What can I expect in the end stages of liver disease?

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Hi All, I've been away for a while. My dad has gotten worse. Just finished a stay in the hospital because his bilirubin numbers are way up. They are climbing daily. Everything else looks fine, but that damn bilirubin just won't stabilize. So this is the end. Dr says there's nothing more they can do. My question is, has anyone had to deal with end stage liver disease? I was told it would be at least a few months, that he would get more and more tired and weak, then stop eating... what about pain? I didn't ask about pain. Is it agonizing? I thought I was ready for this, tried to prepare. He doesn't know. It's better that way. His loose ends are tied up, no reason to have him give up when he has a couple of months to enjoy what's left. I don't like surprises. Does anyone know how it ends? Honest answers. I need to prepare. Thank you all so much.

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You will never know exactly how your Father's last days will be until they happen. I was warned about how painful and possible troublesome my friend's Moms last days would be and it was nothing like what they prepared us for. If you look for the bad your last days with your Dad will be exactly that worry. Instead enjoy the days you have, Pray for guidance during this time and wake up each day to the joy of life that you have and make each one special. I know that this is a hard time for you but please look for the end. When the time is near make sure you tell your Father it is okay to leave you. This lets them know that you are aware of what is going on and you will miss them but you know that it is time to release this wore out body and he will be whole again with those who have gone before him and sit with God and all his angles in Heaven. God Bless you during this time and know that I will pray for strength and peace to your heart to accept each day and not look for the end but think of it as the begining.
I am so sorry your dad is facing this, but it is good that he has you there. Have you asked about hospice involvement? A good hospice agencey should be very helpful with pain control. There is really no excuse for someone to have inadequate pain control at the end of life. Patients usually "know" even if things aren't discussed. This is a very difficult time for everyone, reach out for all the help you can find.
There was just a "Piece of My Mind" essay in JAMA about someone who died at home with liver disease - it was described as "a good death" though very sadly premature, not much pain but just decreasing alerness until unconcsiousness. I am very sorry you are going through this too, and I hope it is no harder than it has to be...hugs and God bless you all...
I am so sorry that you have to experience this upcoming loss. My dad had cancer that metastasized into the liver. I did everything I could to try and save him, but that was not within my control. His liver had been consumed with several tumors. I saw the MRI. which helped me to not call 911 when I knew he was in his last hours. I wanted him to die at home, not in the emergency room.
I knew I could do nothing more. What we observed was yellowing of his skin, and that worsened. He wasn't able to eat much and had loose stools. Make sure you have hospice or other support around for you. Enjoy the time you have together, and talk alot about all that is important . My dad didn't really complain of much pain, but each case is different. May god Bless.
My husband is experiencing abdominal pain and back pain - the doctor told him he could not take any pain relievers. What can I do to help
Clark, find another doctor! Pain should rarely go untreated, especially if it is from something terminal...maybe there is a reason, but if there is it better be good.
I went through the exact same thing with my dad. It does not have to be the end. Get him CBD Oil immediately! !!! My dad's belliruben was high!!!! They put in a stint in his bile duct. He got bad last. Nov 2015 they gave him 2 weeks to live and gave him waaayyy to much morphine. HE WASN'T IN PAIN! Long story short my husband & I administered him CBD Oil and after a day he was talking to me and in 2 weeks his belliruben was normal!!!! He is still alive and goes to church. PRAISE JESUS!!! CBD oil works for so many conditions. I urge everyone to look it up.
My dad had liver cancer. He did not complain about pain..He was tough. He lived 13 months from diagnosis. It usually starts somewhere else in the body, and dumps into the liver...QUALITY TIME is what you need to worry about....Spend precious time with him....Take care.
During this whole ordeal, he was secretive he didn't tell his dentist about the liver cancer. Someone prescribed codeine. OOPS, not good on liver...Just keep him comfortable, and give him treats or whatever he wants to taste...Dad died early morning......Spent the whole night with him at his home....
ilovemom, so sorry for your loss! I hope that your being there is a huge positive for you emotionally going forward, and would bet it meant something to Dad even if it was hard to tell due to limited responses... hugs hugs hugs

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