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What one big thing are you thankful for this holiday season?


I am making up a "gratitude list" as my life caretaking and in general is rather hard at this point. I am wanting to know what you are grateful for?
I am grateful that I have a warm house this year. My house last year was not warm when it was extremely cold as it was 170 years old! I am warm this year..yeahhh

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jeannegibbs Dec 2012
I am grateful that my husband's dying process was not prolonged or excessively painful. I am grateful for the privilege of holding his hand as he died. I am grateful for hospice.
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golden23 Dec 2012
i have so many things to be grateful for. My middle son and dil invited me to their house for Christmas,, and to see Les Miserables with Russel Crowe. Sig other is away seeing his kids and 2 new grandsons, but will be back on the 26th and we will have turkey for son and dil on the 27th. Dd will have us over on the 28th ands we will go out of town for dinner theatre for the 29th, and to visit mother. Almost too much but I will enjoy it. I have been much quieter for Christmas for many years. I too am grateful for my oet- my 13 yrb old cat Toonuie who is my constant companion. Lastly I am gratefuo for an imorivement in my health this year - looks like a chronic infection is finally on the way out.
elsderly - glad u have a warm house - necessary!!!
jessie - glad your bunnies are well - pets are so important to us
Could it ne me -congrats to your daughter - Great accomplishment
tess - good to have that stress of the ex gone
msdaisy - sleep is great
I too am glad for the support from members of this forum - invaluable - merry Christmas and blessings to all - Joan
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windytown Dec 2012
I'm thankful for each and every one of you and your words getting us through this time and every single day. Your support is a life line.

Great thread! Merry Christmas to all!
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ladee1 Dec 2012
I am extremly grateful for having some time off.... first time in my life I havent had to hussle another job to keep a roof over my head...
I am grateful Marie is no longer suffering,,, tho I miss her a lot...
I am grateful for my friends here on AC, just could not do it without all of you...

Merry Christmas everyone....
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I am thankful that my family made it so far without hospitalizations, deaths, major illness or disease .
2nd thing:(am I allowed?) I am grateful for is that my daughter has graduated with her Masters in special education. She has worked in mental health for 14 years now and works as assistant director of Children's Services. So proud of her too.
I am thankful (3rd thing)= For all the threads and extremely special people moving the threads on to give us so many individual insights and care. Thanks from my heart.
Merry Christmas
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Yogibear Dec 2012
I am thankful for my renewal in my spirtuality.
For my friends who have now become my family.
My pets.
My wonderful roomate who has been my cheerleader and sounding board.
And all of you offering encouragement continually.
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NancyH Dec 2012
I'm thankful that I still have my dad with us this Christmas, since mom died before last Christmas. I'm also thankful that my mom -in-law is still with us for another Christmas too. I'm getting too old for this...♥
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MyWitsEnd Dec 2012
I am grateful for my wonderful husband and great kids. I am so looking forward to our daughter's upcoming wedding and grateful for our wonderful future son-in-law. Lastly, after years of limping along, I am very grateful for my new knees. No one will be able to stop me in 2013!
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Wow - what a great idea !
This is my first Christmas without my precious Mum, and I had cancelled it until I read this thread. It really made me think!
So - I am thankful that.............
My Mum is at peace - she struggled so badly with the death of her first born daughter to breast cancer in 2005 at this time of year, and never got over our loss.
I have a wonderful Border Collie dog, who is my companion and best friend. His (OTT) joy and enthusiasm for life has made me want to carry on, where I saw no reason to.
I have two amazing sisters, who love me - warts and all! - what more could I ask?
I am alive and reasonably healthy and I have a good job which enables me to support myself and Finn (sheepdog-in-training).
I am free (of my ex-husband) and the miseries of sad and very unhappy marriage.
Thank you and Merry Christmas to all - Tess x
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msdaizy Dec 2012
I'm grateful for all my new found friends here at the Agincare.com forums. I appreciate all your sweet words and encouragements and prayers. I'm also thankful that my mom's night surges have finally ended for now and she sleeps peacefully almost 10 hours a night. And that is where I'm also very thankful for sleep!!! For which the last 4 months I have been deprived of. Praises and God Bless.
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