What is the best Medigap plan that will give me the best coverage?

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My wife and I both turn 65 in September of this year. I intend to signup for Medicare parts A & B. I am currently living in NJ but intend to relocate to South Carolina in November. What is the best Medigap plan letter (A or B or ?....) and part D precription drug plan that will give me maximum coverage while I live in NJ and also cover me when I relocate to South Carolina?

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Plan F gives the most coverage. Your provider will depend on where you live, but they are very similar because the different plans must meet certain criteria set by the government. However, prices vary, so if you are fortunate enough to live in an area where you have choices in insurance companies, check their prices on Plan F (and other plans) and also double check what they cover. A good Plan F policy covers nearly all co-pays that Medicare B doesn't cover. The other plans have cheaper premiums but cover less.

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