What activities can I get involved with on weekends? I am lonely but don't want to impose on my family.

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I just got back from my once-a-month Saturday morning book club.

Our Y offers various exercise sessions on Saturday.

In season, weekend farmers' market is an enjoyable experience.
Oh, I know what you mean. Most Saturday morning finds me waking up going to garage and estate sales. Then I treat myself to breakfast out. I usually run into a friend, so we have breakfast together. Then I go home to take care of the rabbits and to tell my mother where I'll be. Then I go shopping or go to the senior center to work out on the exercise machines. There are usually a person or two like myself down there to keep me company. Often I have lunch out. Then I come home and leap on the bed to take a short nap. My mother cooks her own dinner on weekends, so I try to enjoy the day as much as I can.

Sundays I take my mother to church, then we go out to eat. For some reason on Sunday afternoons, the bed calls me. I sometimes sleep all afternoon. Sometimes I rake leaves or wash the car. Sometimes I call friends in TX or play on the computer. Cgs need weekends, too, and I guard mine jealously. Medicine giving is the only thing I do without protest.
Do you mean away from the person you are taking care of? Or with that person?

I take my mother (who lives with us) to lunch and a movie, or we run errands and eat lunch out. Sometimes we go to a park or the beach. Or a museum or shopping. Her vision is limited, so things are limited. I was taking her to festivals but those are too overwhelming for her - too much noise and stuff to look at and people to walk around.

If I'm by myself, I go to the library every chance I get. Or just drive and listen to music. Or the dollar store.

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