I was told to obtain a guardianship order for my wife. I don't have time with all of her care. Is there a way around this?

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Country mouse you certainly know your onions - I am impressed
You most definitely need to get some outside help be it family, friend or and aide from a senior helper business. No one can do it alone no matter how much you might think you can or believe that is what is expected of you. I felt the same way with my mom who has Alzheimer's, I was never going to place her anywhere, I would care for her. It's a noble thought and gesture but it's impossible. For your health both mental and physical please check with your cities Department of Aging, or other type of family services.
Here in the US my son and daughter-in-law will need to go to court to establish guardianship of their developmentally disabled son for when he reaches the age of majority (18). They can do this when he turns 16. Sounds odd considering he will be unable to care for himself as an adult and he is their child, but that is the law. I am sure it has to do with being able to receive Social Security Disabilty when he reaches 18 and making sure those payments are utilized for the disabled individual.
Even here in the US, if you have a case pending, your attorney will advise you NOT to press your case in social media, talk to the press or characterize the defendant in any way. Initially they will ask you to Cease and Desist and the court will uphold the request. Should you continue to post videos, they will ask that you be held in contempt of court (=jail) and attempt to recover damages for defamation that can destroy your hope of settlement. Tread carefully, once you sue in court, you are bound to the agreement to settle only in court and not seek trial-by-youtube.
Well Countrymouse, 1st of all I would like to say, I am not such an idiot to fall for what you call conspiracy theorists, but when it is backed up with facts, any rational human being should step back and listen and research, I am sure when Edward Snowden was telling his friends about what was happening a lot of them would have classed him as a nutter, or belong to some conspiracy theorists group, but it took the poor gentleman to give up his future and his life to prove them wrong, it is extremely sad to think that the majority of people stand by their government explanation, and everyone else, are considered to be conspiracy theorists.

I wonder what you would have been thinking if you live in the time of Jesus, your powerful and gracious king tells you in his eyes there is a huge group of paupers following a man who calls himself Jesus, and believe he is the Messiah. All I can say it someone speaks out about something that could get himself killed or badly injured or endangering him and his family’s future in any way, don’t you think in return he should get at least, the benefit of the doubt.

Personal injury and the structure of its protocol, that should be expected from a lawyer, advice given by Lord Woolf, the civil procedure rules/CPR it is the least that the badly injured claimant/plaintiff should expect out of their lawyer, if that is, they are, highly professional for the case, solicitors that do not have the ability to take on highly complex injury should not have the right to do the job.

The responsibility would fall on the firm to refuse to take on the mission. The reality is, a plumber is breaking the law if he plums in a boiler without the right qualifications, why should a lawyer be any different if he/she does not have the knowledge of brain injury. May I add here, the NHS prof new that my wife received a brain injury but why isn’t it on the report? Could it be because the consultant involved also work for insurance companies as an expert witness receiving £500 for half an hour's work?

I have talked about the CPR rules, a lawyer also have the duty to his client it is called his fiduciary duties to the client. It involves, if you told your plumber to plumb in a washing machine next to the sink, let's say upside down. It is his duty to do as he is told, like the lawyer he can ask you to sign an acknowledgement that he disagree with your decision or ask the court, that he would wish to be removed off the record's. Well one would have thought that is a fair and agreeable scenario.

Well you say your brother-in-law a barrister could turn the air blue with his stories, I would also like to state, there is also a rulebook they have to follow, to prevent injustice and a nightmare for the plaintiff, as the police would classify her, a vulnerable victim. How would you like if England scored a goal on the final minutes, and the referee disallowed it because he favored the other side, well. That is why they have a rulebook to follow.

Well as for Costco's insurers deciding she does not have the mental capacity to do so, 1st of all they would not mention that her capacity is involved because it would cause the insurers more money, that they have cause a disaster to someone's brains, their expert claims that my wife is putting it all on, as for the laws surrounding mental capacity, you would need to read the mental capacity act 2005 may I say came out 2 years after my wives accident, you would need to experts in the field to pronounce that she does not have the mental capacity, after all you are taking away a person's human rights and declaring them as a nonperson.

I came across this thread and found it suiting this area of our law.
The Lord said, if you hate someone you're guilty of murder. Man looks on the outward appearance, but He looks on the heart. Think of it....getting someone fired from their employer by way of harassment, suing a wife or a husband for divorce, getting a child's parent's custody or parental rights taken away, getting a church member put out of the local church, any sort of getting someone's rights or privileges wrongfully cancelled, suspended, revoked, etc., anything whereby someone would willfully snuff out another's "life," so to speak, it's murder in the true, broader definition.

Hi Debralee, you're correct, but surely you do not have to take away a person's heart and soul to be able to give them their disability rights, remove their parents as if they're nothing, having to obtain permission.

Their son will grow up hating to think that he has been declared a nonperson, he may need help but he certainly do not need categorizing as a nonperson. I know this because of the groups I belong to, children who are adults now fighting to be removed from being categorized a nonperson, it is ironic to see an adult man trying to prove he has got the ability to think for himself and runs a business but yet still having to fight to have himself remove off the list.
As far as I am aware, Edward Snowden is alive and well. Some of the people whose doings he exposed to public view - whether or not you or I would endorse those doings - will not be. I'd be a lot fonder of boat-rockers if their actions didn't have quite so many unintended consequences.

Colin, I'm afraid I'm none the wiser in terms of the actual events that have taken place in your wife's claim for damages. Happy to leave it there if you are, and I wish you both all the best.
Hi tltimme, thanks very much for your concern, I do understand the horrific mission I have, even more fears lie head dealing with the authorities.

But after all I am only doing what my grandparents had to do if they were in the same situation, but they did not have a government claiming to care and placed all of this pathetic restrictions on them.
If anybody is wondering why I am turning to the police, and claiming this case is fraudulent.

The 1st solicitor we had, never knew the meaning of CPR rules, took 3 to 4 months to answer our letters, never saw the plaintiff till 8 months after the accident. The Law Society said that they could no longer be involved, the next step for us to take is to sue the solicitor for professional negligence, could you imagine a person that badly injured have to start a 2nd case suing her solicitor for professional negligence. To obtain is bundled of files the firm wanted 15,000 but we had to pay £5000 +VAT.

My opinion of the 1st solicitor, a child that has been given a sweet shop for Christmas.

Our 2nd solicitor, failed to turn up at the hearing, had the case dismissed.

I went to the health and safety officer for Waltham Forest to obtain their report, our solicitor phoned me after hours to say that I could not have the report because Costco's had accepted liability, this is our 1st solicitor the only job that he had done that took such speed, after visiting the health and safety Department that evening.

So you see within the 1st month I manage to have the firm except liability, only for the 2nd solicitor to have the case thrown out of court.

I had to approach the Law Society to have the firm obtain a barrister to get the case reinstated because liability had already been obtain.

A huge Law firm opposite London Bridge Station, called Anthony Gold would only take the case on if we sue the previous Solicitor for professional negligence and get our compensation that way, of course we refuse.

After several attempts to get another Solicitor we finally got our final one, with time totally run out.

My opinion on the 2nd solicitor, the case was conducted by his superiors who ran the firm, the firm was totally lacking in empathy, the solicitor only had 2 years experience and he was dealing with a brain injury case. Rootless, prepared to take the fall on behalf of Costco's.

The 3rd firm, I thought I had finally found a fully experience Solicitor with experience of brain injury, she heard our case I presented her all the documents I had filed so far. She also obtains the bundle from the 2nd Solicitor. I cannot remember of hand how much it was but considerably less. I realize this is our last chance, the time has run out.

Happy to know that I had obtained a solicitor that understood brain injury, I could finally relax. She call me later and said she was extremely busy her partner would run the case while she was way, but finally it was apparent that she had given the case to another partner that specialize in pneumoconiosis a lung disease from coalmining, well I find myself totally trapped I cannot get another solicitor because my time is up, that means my 3 years it is over. I have to accept the consequences.

The 3rd solicitor knew that I keep all copies provided by the firm, letters and e-mails, so this Solicitor hardly sent us any letters or e-mail, he made us go to his office whenever he needed to discuss anything.

What the previous solicitors fail to do, He never obtain the required rehabilitation my wife required his expert witness promised to help my wife and said he could definitely help her, but he never followed it through.

He never knew the meaning of fiduciary duties, never followed my instructions. He decided to call in an official Solicitor to take over our place and ended the case.

Not exactly the type of plumber you would like in your home. Recommended job, dictator.

My opinion on this Solicitor, extremely heartless, only suitable to work for the SS, would be handy if Hitler was still around, extremely devious.

I would like to apologise that the 3rd Solicitor specialised not in pneumoconiosis but in mesothelioma asbestos disease.

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