My mother-in-law has had her water cut off and refuses to pay the bill. What do we do?

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My Mother in law is 89 years old and has alienated everyone, except of course strangers. She has no will, given no one power of attorney. She doesn't even want any family on her heppa form at the dr. office. She has refused to pay her water bill and now it has been turned off and she still refuses to pay it. No one in the family can make her understand that she has to pay her bills and she refuses to let anyone know her business. Do we need to call the health department? What do we do?

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Have you talked to Adult Protective Services? I believe they would investigate. Sounds like she is not safe living alone and probably a menace to others. Sounds like the lights may be on, but nobody at home.
I was going to suggest Adult Protective Services also.

Does she have a diagnosis of dementia?
yes call adult protctive services. thye can help you...........

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