Should I wait for my mom to pass away before I start dating again?

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Im a single mom for 10 yrs. Given our family history, my mom might reach up to 90 yrs old or beyond. shes 78 now, im 39 soon this July 2010. I have one daughter age 10. Should I not mind my own desire to have my own family while mom is still alive and has alzheimers maybe stage 4 or 5. opinions anyone

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if you are ready to go out on a date or meet men then u should go for it .
10 yrs is a long time and i bet u miss the companiship .
when u find th eguy that u like so much you should let him know that ur mom is alive and needs u from time to time . he should understand that ,
takes 2 to work things out .
god bless and good luck .
No do what nakes you happy life is not a dress reharsel,,let me know I have tought of that myself my husband died almost a year ago and I deserve for some happiness let me know how it goes I am lonely myself and I gave everything to him and he treated me badly
Do not wait! Remember the flight attendant tells you to put your own oxygen on before you put it on someone who needs your help. You need a full and satisfying life so you will have something to give others. If you need to use non-medical home care to "cover" for you while you go out realize that this is also socializing your loved one and giving them another person to interact with! It's a win-win for everyone!
mhmarfil, It is a great thing that you are wanting to date someone. Don't put that part of your life on hold just because you are caring for your mother. Life is short and to be enjoyed with whatever makes you happy. Let the sunshine into your heart and life. May you find someone as caring as you are toward your Mom! You deserve to be happy.
make friends from the opposite sex and see if they are good canditates for you to go dating. I wouldn't wait to start dating, what about if your mom reaches past 100 years old? are you gonna be alone all that time, you will be too old. dating doesn't mean that you have to get married nor engage. evaluate the person very good to see if meets your demands, don't get a loser either. I hope that you get somebody who really deserves you.
yes, you are a normal, healthy woman who deserves a family of her own. Indeed, get out their and get a social life, find a good man, have a home life for yourself and for your daughter. She probably could use a good step-dad in her life. So, get a life, live a little and find one. Best to ya! :)

I persoanlly would think you are best off to date and enjoy life to the fullest-while you are in the situation with your Mom. This possible may help you with your caregiving as well--and will be a win-win situation for everone involved.

Good Luck

Date live love.
Boy I JUST had this conversation the other day. I think about the possibility of starting to date but it just seems like a situation that I just don't want. Not only would I be embarrassed by my mother's behavior but I would have little to no privacy. It would be such a limited relationship. I don't know.... I have almost given up the idea until she passes.
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Any man worth dating would understand your circumstances and be "there" for you through your journey with your Mom. By all means go find him!

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