Can my father, a Korean War vet, get assistance with home health care for my mother so she can remain in their home?

My mother (80 years old) has Parkinson's and my father (81 years old) needs home health care to help take care of her - bathing, walking, eating, and supervision. The children come as often as they can, but all have jobs and other responsibilities. He would like help, either financially or physically with home health care to come to their home, to keep her in there rather than a nursing home. My father served several years and was honorably discharged from the military.

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You should check with a VA representative. Your local VA clinic or medical center can tell you how to contact one. Or even your local DAV or American Legion.My first thought was "no". My husband is a disabled vet and we can get help for him if necessary but not for me. My own insurances will pay if a doctor declares that home health is necessary.Would your parents qualify for Medicaid? Medicaid might pay for help. Hope this helps.
Hospice or home health will be able to help you because of her age and her condition with Parkinson s. These factors will determine how much help she needs. I would try home health first. There are probably pages of home health companies that come to your area. Just give them a call and ask. Medicare I believe will pay 100 percent of the bill for 45 visits in a 60 day period. There are other services and agencies as well, call you local dept. of human services and ask for the aging services dept.
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try Veterans Financial, Inc 1-800-835-1541 or ChFEBC 888-311-8880 ext 207
My understanding is that Medicare only pays for hospice when a doctor declares that a person has less than 6 months to live.
Contact your local Va office as previously stated as she and he both may qualify for Aid and Attendence. If Mr served during a war in country , he may be entitled to more things than other veterans do. You can go on line and request the 2012 benefit booklet which does give alot of information. Good Luck to ya.
Medicare /Medicaid pays for hospice when a person is known to only have a certain time left to life, I think that is about 3 months.
Contact your nearest County Social Worker office, or Home Health Care office, to ask where to start.
BUT, there is some provision for in-home care, since that is cheaper than having elders in a hospital/long term care place--again, Social Worker should be able to guide you.
IF a Veteran Retired from military service, that is, got 20 years or more time in, then their spouse gets benefits too, though, less than the Vet gets.
If they served active duty in a war zone, or served at least a minimum number of years [that might be 6 or 8 years now?] the Vet themself gets benefits.
IF the Veteran was disabled by military duty, there may be more provisions for care
and click on veterans Services in the drop-down menu
It's a start, and should be able to find listings of each State's facilities the one nearest you.
We learned there was a V.A. Clinic near us, that diidn't even register on the radar of the VA Hosp. farther away...we found the clinic by accident [by stopping by the Mall that office was in, looking for something else], and discovered we could get my DH into the system via that clinic.
It is also more convenient to use that clinic, than driving thru heavy traffic for several hours to the "nearest" VA Hosp.!!
if your parents financial needs are more than they bring in, if they meet the criteria for needed full-time care, if he was in the war, and if you fill out a million forms they can get the aide and attendant funding. lets say your home care is $500 a week, plus medications, etc and their income is less than the total amounts, they will qualify, there are calculators online to figure this out and you can hire someone free, including the va, to tell you if you qualify. good luck , i waited 17 months and it finally came thru retroactively, too!
The People were extemely helpfull. Sent me the forms required. When I had everything completed faxed copy to rep. They reviewed everything. Went over the form I had to complete and advised of corrections need and the corrections Dr. needed,and advised of additonal info needed. Due to their assistance , my mother recieved approval within a month. All info needed was submitted and all info was correct. I would definity advise to contact.

I new absolutly nothing. I was advised to contact the websit I posted. Wonderful assistance. Contacted me quickly, sent forms, assited in completing and reviewed for errors and additional info needed. Due to the help I recieved my mother application was approved without any difficuties. My mother was approved withing 30 days, I would definitly advise to contact

My dad is almost 87 in Nov. He needs home care help. His mind is there, but is a fall risk and needs some help cleaning up his place, bathing and washing his clothes. He has some would care issues that won't heal. Ex his arms are scabbed over and when he bumps of sleeps the bleeding starts all over again. He doesn't keep the wounds clean or his body because he can't get around good.

I am wondering is the VA offers any financial assistance for their vets. His income is in the low medium and has a house payment, insurance, taxes , medicines and the utilities to pay for. I help with some of this but I'm on fixed income also and can;t afford all.

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