Is it valid to have a directive in one state and be a resident of another?

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I am a resident of Texas but have a health directive in California for my mother who lives in & is a resident of California.

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If your mother had the health directive drawn up in CA, I wouldn't think it matters where you live. If you are worried, you can contact CA state bar and ask if that is a problem. But many long-distance caregivers live in states other than the state where there parent lives. It never hurts to check with the state, however,
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I am not sure hopefully one of the experts on AC can answer that question-it is important to know the answer-an Elder Lawyer would be able to tell you-it is important to carry one with you both the elder person and their children or spouse-my elderly mother was talked in signing a DNR while a pt. in the hospital by a MD while my sister steped out for a while -when she came back a red dot was on my mother's bed and my sister asked what it was and was told ishe is a DNR-my sister did not leave the hospital until it was changed and my husband who was supposely alert signed one while in rehab-I could not get it changed until Mon. of the next week.

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