What vacuum do hospitals use to clean up messes from incontinent seniors?

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I need to purchase a very good commercial carpet cleaner that well work safely and efficiently in cleaning up incontinent messes. HELP! I can't seem to find any specifically for people with this problem. Any ideas?

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To start with they don't have carpets. They have linoleum and clean and wax it daily. When they have wet messes they pick it up with towels and such and mop with antibacterial cleaners. Who is the person you care for? Is it a family member? or are you a paid caregiver? Is the person you care for able to walk? Is he/she sick? Is it urine or BM that needs to be cleaned up? Why do you need a commercial machine? Grocery stores used to rent them and probably still do. Is this an option where you are?
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I was constantly cleaning carpet. We finally ripped it up and put down wood look vinyl. Looks nice. When we ripped it up there were stains on subfloor.
We had to treat that with strong vinegar. She was at a NH for a respite, new place and they had carpet. Don't know how they were going to keep that clean.
That's weird that they have carpets.
Does she walk? and is it only urine that is the problem?

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